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Here you find all editions of our bilingual publication Adlershof Special, which you can download or partly read online. The current edition you can find at


Adlershof Special 28: Renewable Energies

For the future of energy efficiency:

Model urban district // For the future of energy efficiency // Nucleus for innovative storage solutions // Tapping into heaven and earth // Climate climbers // Energy efficiency made in Adlershof // The architecture…


Adlershof Special 27: Biotechnology

Innovative Analytics:

Calibrated to success // Innovation thanks to analytics // Diagnosis: Fatigue // Stability and Growth // Analyse, identify, quantify // Kneading and correlating // Protein snippets in the fight against cancer //…


Adlershof Special 26: IT and Media

Advantage cooperation // Healthy data exchange // Self sufficient components for the homes of the future // Training and flying // Getting off the ground // IT from Adlershof enhances TV images // Cash, crime and…


Adlershof Special: IT and Media

“Natural interface”: Interview with Prof Jähnichen, Head of Fraunhofer FIRST and President of the German association of computer scientists // Faster to the end: Smartphones as multifunctional mobile communication…


Adlershof Special 25: Real Estate

Via Quick Response to Berlin Adlershof:

Room For More Urbanity // Impressive Entrées // Topping-out Ceremony of “Air Campus Adlershof“ // An Architectural Highlight of Adlershof // An On-The-Ball Media Location // Olympic Ground // New Dimensions // Company…


Adlershof Special 24: Photovoltaics

Stormy times – Solar industry at a turning point:

Stormy times // Solar specialist for custom dimensions // A decentralize, regional approach // Tandem cells and catalysis research // Fruitful cooperation in the south-east // Impetus for the energy revolution //…


Adlershof Special 23: Bioanalytics

Booming Bioanalytics:

Bioanalytics is booming // Innovative core biotechnology // Metamorphosis of a Technology Centre // The custom hunt for the drugs of tomorrow // By order of the customer // Find, measure, identify // Synthetic DNA in…


Adlershof Special 22: Microsystems and materials

Where snails are giants :

Innovation cluster for Microsystem Technology in Berlin/Brandenburg // Where snails are giants // The translators // Top quality training // New material for greater energy efficiency // Good neighbours // Evolving…


Adlershof Special 21: IT and Media

Pixel on Pixel:

Between now and tomorrow // Multicoloured Computer Science // Harvesting energy // The rolling router // Computer Science for the people // Indoor navigation with free wlan // Pixel on pixel // Adlerhof in figures …


Adlershof Special 19: Education & Training

The learning factory:

Playgrounds for science and technology // A secondary school for science city // Cash for calculus // Key experiences in the School-Lab // Girls, Girls, Girls


Adlershof Special 18: Analytics

Fast, mobile, precise – the new analytics:

Immersing into Processes: Modern analytical methods in bioanalytics // When the testers are tested: Accreditation for Adlershof companies and institutions // Sweating alcohol from carbon dioxide: Cyano Biofuels does…


Adlershof Special 16: Photonics

Successful courtship: Adlershof companies with new partners // Photonics in motion: Interview with Dr Bernd Ludwig, Head of the Adlershof Photonics and Optics Centre // “Trust needs time…”: The Berlin-Brandenburg…


Adlershof Special 15: Analytics

Searching for traces: Bioanalytics identifies materials // Global Business: Technology companies act international // The art of synthesis: The work of the analytical laboratory Witega // Tiny useful little things:…


Adlershof Special 14: Real Estate

Principal Thoroughfare Rudower Chaussee // Landing pads for businesses // The “Media Window“ // A brand world that can be experienced // A market place full of opportunities // Active interest // All-clear for new…


Adlershof Special 13: 20 years of market success

Innovation at high speed: 175,200 hours of science and technology // World market leader in the niche: Rules for startup companies // “A shed like ours”: Achievements of the Bestec GmbH // “Starry eyed enough“: FMB…


Adlershof Special 12: IT and Media

Of congestion hunters and traffic regulators: Telematic applications for regulating traffic // Center for IT and media ZIM 3: Open ceremony in April // Of men and machines: Users' psychology // Healthy information…


Adlershof Special 11: Photonics + Optics

A label with a profound ring: interview with Bernd Weidner, CEO of OpTecBB // With new strategies against the crisis: entrepreneurs' investments in Adlershof // The laser enters new dimensions: MBI's world record with…


Adlershof Special 10: Start-ups

"We don’t take just anybody": Adlershof Incubation Center // Jörg Muchametow, Managing Director eagleyard Photonics GmbH: Founders never stop learning // Proactive inspirers: Help for HU spinoffs // Over the pond: Two…


Adlershof Special 9: Microsystems

Cover Story: Well equiped: Product miniaturisation:

Microsystems engineering in Berlin – a success story // Research as the driving power // Keyhole medicine and turbine inspections // Fresh meat guaranteed // New Center for Microsystems and Materials: A vibrant place…


Adlershof Special 8: Real Estate

Location quality as a formula for success: Adlershof as a role model of site development:

A Quality Location – Recipe for Success // Thinking Big: Significance of Adlershof as a location // Networks and ideas: Dachland's new head office // Sustainability in Development and Architecture: „Wohnen am Campus“…