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Here you find all editions of our bilingual publication Adlershof Special, which you can download or partly read online. The current edition you can find at


Adlershof Special 6: Thin Films

Special Issue for InterSolar: Fat Pickings for Thin Films // Meetings on the Solar Sector // Solar cells with pinstripes // Catalyst for new technology // Solar Electricity – Competitive Strength Through…


Adlershof Special 5: Information and media technology

Breeding ground for start up companies // Physical and professional proximity // The economy observed // Tapas and the cinema dome // A few rooms down the hall


Adlershof Special 3: Photovoltaics

Solar city Adlershof:

New Technology Centre for Photovoltaics // Unconventional developments // The movers of the future // FVS – A decentralised large-scale research institute // Farewell to silicon // A trip to the optics valley …


Adlershof Special 2: MIPIM 2008

Real Estate Fair in Cannes:

Science as a catalyst of economic growth // Where innovations are born // Knowledge as a money-spinner // Air to breathe // Adlershof's new north // The 'can do' spirit // Adlershof is different // "Adlershof must be…


Adlershof Special 1: Laser Optics

The era of light // Beaming Adlershof // Infrared lasers for the prostate // Trade fair site Berlin // TSB Adlershof to refocus // Lasers for early detection of skin cancer // From Adlershof to the Funkturm //…