A Moveable Office: Experts for interior design set up shop

03. March 2016

A Moveable Office

Experts for interior design set up shop

Sitzprobe im neuen Domizil im Adlershofer Europa-Center: Heike Legler (l.) und Alexandra Jarecki.  Bild: © Adlershof Journal

Heike Legler (l.) and Alexandra Jarecki

The interior design experts of Legler Objekt und Konzept GmbH (OK) took off in January with new offices at the Europa-Center Adlershof. 270 square metres of ample space for inviting and advising people, for browsing and sampling, relaxing and drinking coffee, and not to forget: for working. According to the OK experts, the next generation office should facilitate movement and comfort.

Heike Legler once graduated in computer science and has been living in Adlershof for decades. It was here that she started designing and equipping offices in 1991. “Until now, we were located in the start-up centre. We have since left the start-up phase, so we moved house,” says manager Legler, who enjoys her office’s central location: “We are right in the heart of the Science City with a direct view of the sphere-shaped laboratories in the courtyard. It’s great to watch the many young people going to Uni or to ‘The Voice’ in the TV studios.”

Interior designer Alexandra Jarecki started working for the company as a trainee and is now the woman responsible for design and implementation. She’s the functional and pragmatic one of the two. “That’s why we work so well together,” says Heike Legler.

And it’s also why they work well with Adlershof. Scientists prefer functional offices to stylish bric-à-brac. The two interior pros have provided over 200 professors from Humboldt-Universität with new offices. More than half of their customers are from the site, all others are from all over Berlin and Germany. Some of their orders are sizeable, like the many rooms of the Helmholtz-Centre, others are smaller, like the formerly unloved staff room of an auditing service office that was to become a communication hub: “We simply completed the existing furniture with a few bar tables and seating. It turned out really well: today the office staff spend their breaks together drinking coffee,” they both report gladly. Real breaks from work increase effectiveness. “Ever since we’ve had our new offices, I often treat myself to short break at the bar table in our cosy kitchen. In the end I achieve more than when I hurry to my office and start answering e-mails before I even took of my coat,” the company manager admits.

“Combined sit-to-stand tables are quite a trend. No, they are actually a must-have,” Heike Legler tells us. She pushes a small button under the desk which brings it to standing height. Tables start at 700 euro a piece. They contribute to a healthy work environment which ultimately benefits the company. Those who drop out due to back problems are usually off sick for longer than just a week. That’s why today it’s all about making people move in their offices even when they’re sitting down. Legler-OK’s new office has rocking horses for adults right next to the reception desk. “They turn a lot of heads, virtually everybody wants a go,” grins Alexandra Jarecki. Today’s office chair is dynamic and moveable. Prices range from about 400 euro to 2,000 euro. Moving around also includes working in various positions: “Why not have an easy chair in the office so that employees can read a paper in peace?”

The floors of the new office come from Joka, from the next-door W. und L. Jordan GmbH, a specialist for flooring on Ernst-Ruska-Ufer. “You can tell, and feel, by the floor: the trend is moving from smooth to rougher surfaces.” The veneer of office furniture is also shifting towards a more wooden feel that doesn’t have to be expensive. Colours are also changing: only four years ago it was a combination of white with dark wood and now customers prefer light woods.

It’s easy to tell that Heike Legler and Alexandra Jarecki love their job by the fiery enthusiasm they put into their own headquarters. The new office in the Europa-Center will be officially opened on April 7th with four people tending to customer needs in their showroom.

By Jördis Götz for Adlershof Journal


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