A night of science: Some impressions from the 'smartest night of the year' in 2018

22. June 2018

A night of science

Some impressions from the “smartest night of the year” in 2018

LNdW Adlershof 2018. Bild: © WISTA

Bild: © WISTA

Every year, the Long Night of the Sciences attracts many visitors to Adlershof. This year’s Long Night fell on 9 June 2018, a scorching summer evening with temperatures over 30 degrees, and the institutes of the mathematics and natural sciences campus of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU), non-university research facilities and technology-focused companies opened the doors to their labs, lecture halls and think tanks.

The event featured over 230 stations for all ages, where curious visitors could look over the shoulder of researchers and learn about science and high-tech across a range of lectures, guided tours, exhibitions, experiments and hands-on experiences. The night owls could put on a cleanroom suit, fly across Mars, test their emotions, find their own fountain of youth, find out where wild animals live, control traffic lights, get to know robo-cabs and the train of the future, experiment in the Cool Corner, solve mathematical puzzles, build their own solar cells, test their dexterity in a laser labyrinth, grow crystals, identify rocks, cheer on robots playing football, have a laugh at Science Slam, or follow in the footsteps of aviation pioneers.

The Long Night of the Sciences will take place again next year on Saturday, 15th June 2019.

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