A spectacular background actor: Adlershof as a backdrop

01. December 2014

A spectacular background actor

Adlershof as a backdrop

Der Trudelturm in Adlershof ist schon lange ein Filmstar. Foto: © WISTA

The Trudelturm (Tailspin Tower) in Adlershof has risen to stardom

Tatort and Polizeiruf, two very popular German crime series, are shot here on a regular basis. Carmakers such as BMW, Lexus, and Porsche advertise using the high-tech scenery that Adlershof has to offer. Not only the studios in Adlershof offer excellent working conditions: the Technology Park's premises is also highly sought after as a backdrop for films, advertisement, and music videos.

Hollywood stars, cameras, busy film crews – nothing unusual on the streets of Berlin. Since 1990, the city has been developing into one of the most attractive filming locations in Germany since 1990. Numerous film crews shoot here daily for advertising, cinema, or TV. Increasingly the spectacular architecture of the Science and Technology Park Adlershof is used as a scenic background.

The Trudelturm (Tailspin Tower) is located in the Aerodynamic Park on the Campus Adlershof of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin which is part of an ensemble of historical monuments for aviation research in Adlershof in the 1930s. It was featured in the science fiction movie “Æon Flux“ in 2005, which was set in the future 400 years from now, and more recently for scenes in the film “The Hunger Games“. For the film “A Hologram for the King“, Hollywood star Tom Hanks travelled from Morocco to the Spree river in April 2014. Milla Jovovich was also here to fight against zombies and monsters.

Meanwhile, the Adlershof site itself has risen to stardom. The extraordinary architecture of the Centre for Photonics and Optics on Schwarzschildstraße – the so-called amoeba – or the computer science centre on Albert-Einstein-Straße with its “floating conversation isles“, reminiscent of UFOs, is in high demand. Some parts of the TV blockbuster “Verliebt in Berlin“ or the RTL series “Arme Millionäre“ were created here.

And in one series were not even actually in Berlin, but in Wismar. More precisely, in the police station of the small hanseatic town. Studio Adlershof in Berlin houses the actual station building, where the interior shots are recorded. It was reconstructed for shooting “Soko Wismar“, the successful crime series that is aired on Wednesdays at 6 pm on ZDF. One half of the filming is done in Wismar, the other half in Berlin – a total of 162 days for 25 episodes every year.

Or we are on the tiny island of Spiegeleiland – the fictional location for the film “Otto's Eleven“ by German comedian Otto and his cast. Also produced in Adlershof.

By Rico Bigelmann for Adlershof Special

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