Adlershof at CeBIT: We pave the way for future products and technology

12. March 2015

Adlershof at CeBIT

We pave the way for future products and technology

Adlershofer Zentrum für IT und Medien III, Bild: © WISTA

Centre for IT and Media (ZIM3) Berlin Adlershof

The integration of IT as a crossover technology into manufacturing is the foundation for future economic success. The Science and Technology Park Berlin Adlershof will showcase its solutions at CeBIT 2015 in Hall 13 Booth C74 from 16.03 - 20.03.2015.

The Centre for IT and Media in Adlershof is a significant incubator for companies dedicated to networking digital business and the manufacturing economy. Whether it’s the factory of the future, making home automation and assistance systems ready for the market, digital communication infrastructures in traffic, or solutions for data integration in the health sector, Adlershof is paving the way for future products and production technologies.

Let us introduce you to three recent projects of exemplary Adlershof companies.

The online service provicer “Atos SE” is certain that the end of the e-mail is nigh. The company’s “zero email” project demonstrates how social media can help develop new forms of cooperation in global companies. Atos is now also offering its “bluekiwi-network” to customers that are also creaking under the weight of overflowing inboxes.

The Adlershof-based start-up company “Phizzard GmbH” strives to combine the analytical possibilities of online retailers with the sensory experience of shopping offline. The company’s “multichannel fashion retail” solution allows customers to access all products and available sizes of a certain retailer via a touchscreen in the changing room.

The medical IT company “Crystal Photonics GmbH” specialises in innovative measurement systems for nuclear medicine. The treatment of some types of tumors requires locating, examining, and assessing the sentinel lymph node where tumor cells initially develop. Crystal Photonics produces a gamma probe for precise localisation.

Information Technology and Media in Adlershof

About 80 IT and media companies are active in Adlershof. Their key areas are ambient intelligence, multimedia, traffic, logistics, security, production technology and health. Every day, synergy effects in the Science and Technology Park produce innovative software solutions for industrial manufacturing processes, products, and services.

The three centres for IT and media in Adlershof offer excellent working conditions to young entrepreneurs and start-ups that benefit from cooperation with various industries and the proximity to a diverse research and university landscape.

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Director Centre for IT and Media
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Fax: +49 30 6392 2244

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Sales Technology Centres
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