Adlershof Lunch Talk: With Jacqueline Leibik of 'Albert Speisemanufaktur'

10. March 2014

Adlershof Lunch Talk

With Jacqueline Leibik of "Albert Speisemanufaktur"

Jacqueline und Thomas Leibik, Betreiber .  Bild: © Adlershof Journaler Speisemanufaktur Adlershof

Jacqueline und Thomas Leibik of Albert Speisemanufaktur

Jacqueline Leibik, who works with her husband Thomas to ensure that the researchers and entrepreneurs of Adlershof don't go to work on an empty stomach. The two of them run Albert Speisenmanufaktur in the Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy (ZPV) which opened on 10 February, and the "Albert" café and bistro on Albert-Einstein-Straße.

Adlershof Journal: What is your favourite place in Adlershof?

Jaqueline Leibik: I particularly like the foyer of the ZPV building with the impressivespiral staircase which really catches your eye.

What do you do on your lunch break?

I work of course – lunch time is when we do most of our business. Our team works every day to ensure that all of our guests are offered a relaxing lunch break with short waiting times and of course culinary enjoyment.

What was your first experience of Adlershof?

We used to live in Köpenick, so we watched the development of the technology park from the start. We took a closer look around the location itself four years ago. We were looking for premises for a subsidiary of our café in Schöneweide. In summer 2010 we opened the "Albert" in the health centre building.

How do you get to work?

We live on the south-eastern edge of Berlin, so we come by car.

Can you name one thing that has most pleased you recently?

Our son, who started school last summer. He is now able to read and write. Watching this developmental leap makes me really happy.

...and one thing that most annoyed you?

One irritation is the unsatisfactory parking situation at the technology park.

As a result of the constant parking chaos in front of the two health centre buildings, we had a minor car accident at the end of January. We really hope that things become more relaxed when the planned car park is built at the Europa-Center this year.

What is your next goal?

Using Albert Speisenmanufaktur to make the canteen in the ZPV building the foremost and best break time location in and around Hittorf-Straße from 8 o'clock in the morning to 3 o'clock in the afternoon. We have 110 inside seats, and a further 100 outside seats for when the weather is nice. As a second mainstay, we also want to develop the catering line and provide catering for corporate events and conferences. Other ideas for the future are linked to the development of the newresidential area on the campus, for example a Sunday brunch for students.

What do you do in your spare time?

Since we work together, the drama of catering sometimes spills overinto our free time. When we intentionally switch off, though, we like to go for bike rides. Our favourite holiday destinations are in Asia.

Recorded by Sylvia Nitschke

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