01. October 2013

Adlershof Special 30: Microsystems and Materials

Grand in miniature

Innovation seed: Hybrid materials // Clean, cleaner, Adlershof // The microreactor in a drop of liquid // Hardware for Think Tanks // A gentle look through // New centre for IRIS Adlershof // Medical progress on the tiniest of scales
Grand in Miniature – Microsystems Technology. 2013

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Editorial by Prof. Stefan Hecht & Prof. Norbert Koch, Departments of Chemistry and Physics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Terahertz rays are good for more than just body scans at airports. FBH is one of the world leading institutes
A number of the most modern clean rooms in the region at the Centre for Materials and Microsystems
BAM offers fast analysis at low cost
Process engineering systems on the laboratory and pilot plant scale by ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions
Research into “hybrid systems” of national significance
Adlershof companies combat cancer and other scourges of humanity
Companies based in Adlershof are leaders in the field of small satellites