Advanced Materials Startup ORELTECH Receives Angel Investment from Hüttenes hoch drei GmbH: H3 promotes its commitment to the use of new materials and to the environment

12. March 2020

Advanced Materials Startup ORELTECH Receives Angel Investment from Hüttenes hoch drei GmbH

H3 promotes its commitment to the use of new materials and to the environment

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ORELTECH GmbH with silver inks printed on paper © WISTA Management GmbH

ORELTECH is a Berlin startup and trailblazer in the field of advanced metallization techniques. The young company is disrupting the existing market for functional (printed) electronics through a novel, highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly proprietary process.

The startup was originally based in Israel when it won the main prize at the Advanced Materials Competition (AdMaCom) in Berlin in 2017, Europe’s premier accelerator program for materials science startups organised by INAM. ORELTECH has since become an active INAM member and, with the network’s significant assistance and expertise, has successfully moved to its new location in Berlin’s smartest neighbourhood – the Innovation and Business Incubation Centre at Adlershof.

Dr. Natalia Zamoshick (CEO), Dr. Konstantin Livanov (CTO) and Marie Westphal (Commercial Director) are passionate experts in the fields of materials science, chemistry, and communications who aim to transform the development of advanced materials in Germany and abroad.

The young ORELTECH GmbH develops conductive inks and fluids without the usual addition of metallic nanoparticles that can be processed in inkjet printers. With ORELTECH’s patented surface coating technology, the production of multiple surfaces such as OLEDs and solar cells is more cost efficient and environmentally friendlier compared to current processes. ORELTECH’S proprietary technology enables the next generation of electronic devices and their metallization inks’ process can be customised to suit the needs of every customer.

All known printing methods like aerosol spray, inkjet, slot-die and dip-coating are compatible with ORELTECH’s inks series. Even precious metal coatings can be applied using the company’s technology - including silver, gold, platinum and palladium. ORELTECH’s unique transparent conductive coatings are immensely versatile across a range of industries, including printed and conventional electronics, chemical manufacturing and aerospace/automotive. These metallic inks are suitable for any plastic and flexible surfaces, and also for 2D and 3D structures, and powders. ORELTECH’s mission is to introduce its inks and technology into four major industries by 2023.

Hüttenes hoch drei GmbH (H3) is an angel investor office from Düsseldorf investing in early-stage deep tech start-ups in the areas of engineering, materials science, nanotechnology and logistics. Our philosophy is to foster the application of knowledge, drive innovation and grow high-potential technologies by close collaboration with the teams, mentoring on strategic decisions and connecting with our networks in SMEs and academia.

Why are ORELTECH and H3 a perfect match? Firstly, both companies foster innovation through close collaboration in the field of high-growth potential technologies. ORELTECH and H3 – experts and pioneers in materials science – met at an exclusive investors’ dinner in Germany in 2018. During the same year, ORELTECH officially became a company and moved to Berlin. With regards to mentoring on strategic decisions and connecting with potential partners, H3 provided new capital for ORELTECH and has simultaneously taken responsibility as an investor - thus furthering its commitment to the application of new materials and the environment.


Innovation Network for Advanced Materials e.V.

INAM – Innovation Network for Advanced Materials e.V. helps science-based startups at every stage of the business cycle. At early stages, INAM connects startups with research institutions to provide proof of concept and bring their products to market. There is also an increasingly early focus on connecting startups with corporates and SMEs, who serve both as customers and scaling partners to the startups. One way INAM e.V. does this is through AdMaCom – Advanced Materials Competition. This intensive two-week accelerator program takes place annually and features the best 10 high-tech startups from a pool of countless international applicants. The winner receives prize money and is closely supported in business development after the event. INAM’s members include Bosch, Continental – ContiTech, Joyson Safety Systems, Sony and Tolsa.


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