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20. September 2011

An airy campus

ADLERSHOF SPECIAL: You named your project “Air Campus Adlershof“. Why?ANNA NEUSCHÄFER: We wanted a name with a direct reference to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) while conveying a commitment to the location and its history regarding the Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für Luftfahrt (German Experimental Institute for Aviation) and the Johannisthal air field.

Why is the technology park appealing to you?
Adlershof stands for a strategic concentration of science, research and economy which is, by now, recognized way beyond the borders of the city. Meanwhile, it has perfect transport connection. The location creates synergies and ideal conditions for further business growth. It is for this growth that we wish to make available suitable areas.

Who are your desired tenants?
We are not committed to any branch. For the spacious commercial units on the ground floor, we have in mind retail, banks and the like. The floors above are intended for offices. As regards the sizes of individual rental units, we are very flexible.

When will the construction work start?
The corner building with approximately 3,800 square metres of rental space will probably be finished by June 2013. Once it is rented out, or should a large tenant be interested, we could imagine extending the building in two further construction stages.

You were able to recruit the famous architect Johanne Nalbach for this commission.
We opted for Johanne Nalbach as we wanted this distinctive corner to be adequately designed. She is the designer of, among others, the Federal Press Conference building, the art’otels ‘Georg Baselitz’ and ‘Berlin Ku‘damm’ and seven townhouses on Friedrichswerder. In her draft for the corner building, she emphasises the prestigious nature of the address through a tower-like corner structure, a play of various metallic colours and a complete glazing of the commercial area on the ground floor. Of course, we also made sure that the building was planned in an energy efficient and sustained manner. Furthermore, it is our aim to be able to offer future tenants attractive ‘second rent’ terms.

Links: www.ida-immobilien.de


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