24. August 2015

Frank Siewert wins Giovanni Sostero Award

Adlershof scientist honored for achievements in optics metrology

Frank Siewert. Credit: HZB
Frank Siewert. Credit: HZB
Frank Siewert was honored in particular for his contributions on the development of latest metrology for Synchrotron Optics. He has “pushed the limits of X-ray optics metrology to an unprecedented level and gave a collaborative and constructive support to the international community on metrology for X-ray optics” as the awarding committee pointed out. The award was handed over to Frank Siewert in a ceremony during the 6th “International Workshop on X-Ray Optics and Metrology” which was held from July 14th–16th at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California USA. This award also recognizes the leading position of the HZB Optical Metrology Laboratory within the synchrotron community. The award is granted every 3rd year in memory of Giovanni Sostero who formerly was in charge of the Soft X-ray Metrology Laboratory at Elettra in Trieste. It honors scientists who contributed significantly to the development of the metrology for latest X-ray optics.

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