New Eyecatchers for Adlershof: EUROPA-CENTER AG is developing two more buildings

04. October 2017

New Eyecatchers for Adlershof

EUROPA-CENTER AG is developing two more buildings


Open and slightly curved, its shiny golden facade is its most striking feauture on Rudower Chaussee

In Adlershof, you‘re bound to see a striking building by EUROPA-CENTER AG no matter in which direction you look. In autumn, the real estate group will launch two new construction projects. Underlining the developer‘s ongoing commitment to the technology and science location, two new buildings will be erected in immediate proximity to the Forum right at Adlershof‘s centre: EUROPA-CENTER am Forum and EUROPA-CENTER Ecowiss.

Situated at the corner of Erich-Thilo-Straße and Rudower Chaussee, EUROPA-CENTER am Forum will be the new eyecatcher at Adlershof’s centre. Open and slightly curved, its shiny golden facade is its most striking feauture. Facing the lively centrepiece of Berlin’s smartest district, the building’s ground floor literally begs to be occupied by restaurant proprietors, retailers and service providers. The upper storeys, on the other hand, offer maximum flexibility for office spaces, medical practices, law offices, agencies or educational institutions.

While EUROPA-CENTER Adlerduo, completed in 2012, mainly appeals to major tenants, EUROPA-CENTER am Forum is geared to tenants looking for smaller spaces. Energy efficiency, sustainability as well as socio-cultural and economic quality were crucial factors in the building’s planning process. After its completion, builders hope to receive a gold certification by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

EUROPA-CENTER Ecowiss is the second current project of the Hamburg-based real estate group which has been known across Germany by the brand name EUROPA-CENTER. Over the past 45 years, the group has acted not only as an investor, builder and developer, but above all as a portfolio holder and lessor of commercial properties. Architecturally clear, timeless and white in colour, the five-storey office and administration building self-confidently blends into a metallic grey hall. Its highlight – generously spaced halls as well as research and lab spaces and a delivery area of its own – can be found right on the ground floor. On the floors above, flexible spaces can be arranged into single, landscaped, and open-space offices. EUROPA-CENTER Ecowiss is flanked by EUROPA-CENTER Parkhaus, a car park completed in 2016 offering both permanent parking as well as public short-term parking.

Both properties will be completed in 2018. By that time, EUROPA-CENTER will have planned and realised five buildings in Adlershof comprising a total floor space of 62,000 square metres usable for offices, administration, labs, retail and parking. No matter in which direction you look.

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