Stickstofftank für Beschleu­niger­projekt bERLinPro in Adlershof aufgestellt:

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18. July 2017

Nitrogen tank for the accelerator project bERLinPro was installed in Adlershof

Photo: HZB/J. Bierbaum

Photo: HZB/J. Bierbaum

Rising 18 metres into the air, the nitrogen tank on the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin campus in Adlershof was installed on 18 July 2017. It can store up to 80 cubic metres of liquid nitrogen. This nitrogen will be used for pre-cooling the cooling system which is necessary for operating the new energy recovery linear accelerator (bERLinPro). The HZB experts are currently setting up a prototype for testing the potential of this accelerator technology.

The bERLinPro accelerator requires a sophisticated cooling system. The superconducting cavities are cooled down to ultra-low temperatures using helium. For pre-cooling the technicians will use liquid nitrogen, which is much cheaper to procure. “We expect to consume about one truckful of liquid nitrogen a week,” says supervising engineer Jochen Heinrich. The cooling system will be completed over the next few months. Among other things, the helium cooling system will be moved in the autumn of 2017 from the heavy-duty hall to the new technical building located alongside the underground accelerator hall.


Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie

Jochen Heinrich
Institute SRF - Science and Technology
Tel.: (030) 8062-15801

Experte Kühlsystem bERLinPro:
Dr. Wolfgang Anders
Institute SRF - Science and Technology
Tel.: (030) 8062-12929


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