NUBIS: Space Efficient Offices in a new building on Franz-Ehrlich-Straße

04. October 2017

NUBIS: Space Efficient Offices in a new building on Franz-Ehrlich-Straße

PROJECT Immobilien entwickelt modernen Büroneubau an der Franz-Ehrlich-Straße


Over a total of three construction phases, PROJECT Immobilien are currently erecting an office building on Franz-Ehrlich-Straße, right at the Adlershof train station crossing. First occupancy in the first construction phase is scheduled for 2017. ”Stiftung Finanzbildung“ has awarded the office spaces with the Trusted Real Estate quality seal and an AA+ rating for outstanding space efficiency and highly flexible usability.

For NUBIS’s tenants, this means they will be renting exactly the spaces they need for the successful execution of their business models. The flexible and individually expandable offices cover a total floor space of 17,400 square metres and can be rented directly from the property developer – free of commission and ready for occupancy. Spaces up to the size of 5,000 square metres can be rented in one piece. Looking back at more than 20 years of experience, PROJECT Immobilien’s experts determine flexible spatial concepts with regard to spatial depth, axial dimensions and the building core, thus guaranteeing savings potentials and a constantly high quality of work. In fact, this aspect becomes increasingly important in the context of the current development of rental prices for office properties in Berlin. The various options for using the spaces range from single and shared to open-plan offices. Thanks to efficient space planning, costs can be reduced by 30 percent while at the same time, workplaces can be increased by up to 30 percent. The more efficient the space use per capita, the lower the rental costs for office spaces.

The evaluation conducted by “Stiftung Finanzbildung” also took into account soft factors such as location or infrastructure. Due to its ideal connection to the train station and the road network within the technology park, NUBIS enjoys significant locational advantages. Underground parking places, the adjacent public park as well as catering and sales areas on the premises make for additional comfort for the tenants.

Basically, PROJECT Immobilien plans all new building projects in fast-growing future-oriented locations along the lines of space efficiency. This also applies to their most recent construction projects along the A115 motorway between Berlin and Potsdam: Einstein22 in Kleinmachnow and GIRO in Teltow. Currently, more than 70,000 square metres of office spaces as well as two hotels with a total of 366 rooms are being developed at no less than six locations.

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