The rolling router

23. December 2011

The rolling router

Bild: © Adlershof Special

A server in the boot and a Bluetooth keyboard in the glove compartment – that was wireless communication in the car ten years ago. At that time, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems in Duisburg and an automobile group demonstrated how the kettle at home responded to commands from the vehicle. “Ultra modern electronics” was the prompt judgement of the Berliner Morgenpost. So for a long time now, the major carmakers have been working on solutions that link the car to the internet. Now, the Adlershof company Lesswire AG has launched a WLAN router that functions as a mobile hotspot.

Quickly retrieving email, uploading a video clip to YouTube, checking on an appointment, or viewing an address on the map – where would we be without internet? So why not simply take your hotspot with you – in your car as well? Although you could access the internet with your netbook, notebook, or smartphone with installed UMTS modem or USB stick, your iPod Touch can’t do much without WLAN, let alone access the internet. In addition, WLAN allows more than one user to access the internet at the same time. The inconspicuous black router box from Lesswire measures just 13 by eight cm is less than two cm high. Small enough for the glove compartment. Lesswire AG was founded in April 1999 as a disincorporation of the Institute for High Performance Microelectronics in Frankfurt (Oder), a research institute focusing on wireless communication systems. The developments this company has patented include LocalNavigator, a platform for wireless solutions for industries, trade fairs, museums, and hospitals. Another is the Bluetooth module BlueBear. The new UMTS router Wi2U uses the radio standards GSM, UMTS, and HSPA to connect to the mobile networks. Internet radio, email, mobile office, games, online chats, or social networks – all this is possible on up to eight terminals. According to diverse test magazines, the router performs its services impeccably. The company offers an accessory in the form of an aerial that is attached to a window and can activate theft protection via GPS. When the router switches on or off, the device automatically sends either an email or a text message to the owner when his email address or mobile phone number has been entered in the so called interface checkbox.

by Rico Bigelmann


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Gründer und Geschäftsführer von lesswire, Ralph Meyfarth. Bild: © Adlershof Special
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