"Wohnen am Campus" - Ein städtisches Wohnkonzept von heute: Die Entwicklung des neuen Wohngebiets im Herzen von Adlershof macht gute Fortschritte und unterstützt den positiven Aufwärtstrend beim Mietwohnungsbau

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20. September 2011

"Wohnen am Campus" - A new concept of urban living

The development of the new residential area in the heart of Adlershof is making good progress, supporting the uptrend in rental housing construction.

Living close to your workplace or training centre is an evident trend of the time. In Adlershof, the city of science, economy and media, 22,000 people are working or going to college. While transport connection and local infrastructure are excellent, there are not enough apartments available yet. Ute Hübener, head of the Sales and Marketing department, confirms that good progress has been made on the project “Wohnen am Campus“ which, in the following years, will enable many people to easily commute between work, training place and home.

Nothing but strong points for “Wohnen am Campus”

Over the next years, “Wohnen am Campus” will create approximately 900 new living units on a 14 hectare area situated between Humboldt University and the 65 hectare landscaped park. With a floor-space index ranging from 1.2 to 1.8, properties can be utilised accordingly so that the area will be characterised by buildings of three to six storeys in height. Apart from residential property, there will be a broad range of rental units. The overall goal is high-quality city planning providing for a mix of urban townhouses, city mansions, apartment buildings as well as a student village with nearly 400 units. For this reason, no single properties will be put on the market. Instead, sites will be exclusively marketed to investor groups, developers and municipal corporations.

Attractive living: leafy and yet at the pulse of it all

"Wohnen am Campus” will cater to a variety of lifestyles. High quality of living and contemporary concepts will find their expression in intergenerational living, ecological aspects and sustainability concerns. This includes, for example, the construction of passive houses and the use of geothermal and district heating as well as renewable energies, the conservation of valuable tree populations and the creation of a large number of public green and open spaces. One particularly attractive meadow is predestined for the construction of townhouses. Moreover, road planning will take into account residential amenity concerns and the particular atmosphere of the neighbourhood. In keeping with the urban character of the district, traffic calming measures will reduce the frequency of passenger cars.

The commitment of degewo housing association is a guarantee for contemporary quality of life

Some time ago, architects from Müllers Büro, together with the specially founded construction group Adlershof GbR, started planning energy-efficient passive houses which they now are in the process of building. Berlin’s leading communal housing association degewo has just decided on buying property to realise a top-quality urban rental concept.


Ute Hübener
Head of Marketing and Sales
Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 6392-3918
Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 6392-3933
E-Mail: huebener@wista.de



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