20. November 2015

Collaborative innovation

Leading digital – Event brought together high ranking corporate representatives and start-ups in Adlershof

Seven Berlin start-ups presented their products and services during the event
Seven Berlin start-ups presented their products and services during the event
Disruptions is about innovations and technologies that have the power to shake up entire industrial sectors. According to experts, the automotive and automotive supply industry are most affected. The series of events “Leading digital – disruption in the automotive industry” brought together high ranking corporate representatives and start-ups in Germany’s largest technology park. Digitisation is changing radically the entire business topography, including the value added chains in the automotive sector. Therefore, it is seeking collaborative networking and innovation. In October 2015, the “Leading digital” event hosted by hy! GmbH introduced start-ups and digital experts to automotive industry executives at Adlershof’s Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies (ZPV). What may look like an odd combination at first glance, proved to be exactly the right response to the underlying idea: Thinking outside the box, exchanging ideas, arousing interest, and exploiting new potential. Seven Berlin-based start-ups presented their products and services that, although not developed primarily for the automotive industry, may be used to its advantage. One example is the digital bodyguard from Virtenio. Fitted with sensor cubes, it can monitor mobile locations that are difficult to access. Another is the communication dome from ICE Gateway GmbH that installs intelligent additional components on street lighting to raise its energy efficiency. Whether hydrogen generator, optical measuring methods for analysing the surfaces of aerofoils, or Cassantec’s algorithms for precise maintenance predictions e.g. for wheel bearings in ICE trains, this was a scene of constant, lively talks on method transfer, kickoff projects, and potential partnerships. During his presentation, Cassantec boss Moritz von Plate couldn’t help grinning when he confided that this coming together was working on the visual level as well: “Today, start-ups wear suits, while representatives of established companies leave them in the wardrobe at home.” “It appears that we have done the right thing,” said Peter Strunk, Director of Communications at the Adlershof WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH, in his summary of the event. “There is huge mutual interest. This can be seen not only in the lively dialogue, but also in the rapid exchange of business cards and the interested enquiries.” Strunk then added: “We have here a lot of brains at a lot of brainy companies. That’s obvious just from a quick glance through our trade directory. Such a well organised expertise database is a rare bird indeed.” By Rico Bigelmann for Adlershof Special