04. June 2013

Multipurpose fibres

From biogas fermentation to the identification of cancer-risks, the company art photonics manufactures fibres for a wide range of applications

Infrared endoscope
New infrared endoscopes detect inflammation that are invisible to the naked eye.
Thanks to art photonics' fibre technology, cancer specialists can so to speak see into the future and identify a number of deadly diseases before they can break out. New infrared endoscopes detect inflammation in the finest folds of the human digestive system that are invisible to the naked eye. The initial stages of the dangerous intestinal cancer can then be treated at a particularly early time. At the heart of these tubular endoscopes are the fibres developed by art photonics GmbH in the Adlershof Technology Park. They conduct invisible thermal radiation from the medical sample to the measuring instrument. Using this analytical method, experts can also detect hazardous chemicals in the environment or monitor the quality of engineering materials. Unlike many other methods, this fibre measuring technology is even able to analyse chemical processes on location and in real time – whether in the fermentation of biogas, the brewing of beer or maturing processes for wine and whisky. The products developed by art photonics cover a particularly wide spectral range from ultraviolet to medium infrared radiation. The sensitive measuring instruments can even withstand temperatures up to 250 °C. art photonics is the world market leader in the production of chalcogenides (generally glassy materials) and polycrystalline special purpose optical fibres, spectroscopic fibre samples, fibre bundles, and high performance cables for industrial and medical applications. When Managing Director Viacheslav Artyushenko founded art photonics in 1998 after his laser engineering studies in Russia, he deliberately chose Berlin as his location. “I had good contacts at the Laser Medicine Centre, today the LMTB in Berlin,” he said. The alternatives in Munich and Scotland were left standing. Now fifteen years later, art photonics is still on its course of growth. This year the company will be inaugurating its own sales branches in Asia where previously business had been conducted with partners. Artyushenko revealed that in May its own office is scheduled to open in Beijing, and in November this will be followed by one in India. Furthermor the company's focus, says Artyushenko, is on the north-american market. By Manuel Berkel for Adlershof Special