05. June 2020

MagForce AG and affiliated European clinics support World Brain Tumor Day on 8 June

At virtual events, patients receive advice on treatment approaches with NanoTherm Therapy

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MagForce AG, a leading medical device company in the field of nanomedicine focused on oncology, offering the NanoTherm Therapy System for the treatment of brain tumors, announced that they will together with affiliated European clinics sponsor various virtual patient events to support World Brain Tumor Day on June 8th, 2020 and raise awareness for this devastating disease.

World Brain Tumor Day occures every year on June 8th to raise awareness and inspire hope for patients living with this disease. According to current information from the Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe (German Brain Tumor Association), each year, more than 8,000 people are diagnosed with a primary brain tumor in Germany alone. Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive form of brain tumors in adults with an incidence, i.e. the number of new cases per year, of about three patients per 100,000 people (Source: Glioblastom (GBM)). Worldwide, over 700 new cases are recorded on a daily basis. Additionally, many other types of cancer cause metastases in the brain, which are known as secondary brain tumors. Despite major advances in treatment modalities, malignant tumors of the brain remain largely incurable and an unresolved therapeutic problem.

MagForce's NanoTherm Therapy System provides a novel, nanotechnology-based approach for the treatment of solid tumors by introducing magnetic nanoparticles either directly into the tumor or into the resection cavity wall. These particles are subsequently heated by an alternating magnetic field that allows targeted treatment by irreparably destroying, or weakening, cancer cells making them more sensitive to concomitant radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Since the particles remain at the site of instillation due to their special coating, the surrounding healthy tissue is spared and the integration into multimodal therapy concepts are made possible. MagForce AG was granted the European CE certificate (“European Certification”) and thus the official approval of the NanoTherm Therapy System for the treatment of brain tumors in Germany and all member states of the European Union.

“It is our goal to develop this technology as an effective cancer therapy for the successful treatment of patients worldwide,” said Ben Lipps, CEO of MagForce AG and MagForce USA, Inc. “Each year, we use our voice to shed light on this disease and support the affiliated brain tumor centers parterning with us in their numerous activities for brain tumor patients and their caregivers. We are happy to continue this tradition and have modified our activities to ensure the safety of all during the COVID-19 pandemic.”



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