14. June 2016

Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces the new, compact and high performance HiPace 300 H turbopump

Ideal for high and ultra-high vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum HiPace 300 H turbopump
Many applications in research, analytics and industry require a reliable high or ultra-high vacuum. Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces the new HiPace 300 H turbopump, the highest compression turbopump in the pumping speed class of 300 l/s currently on the market. With a compression ratio of 107 for hydrogen, it is suitable for producing high and ultra-high vacuum. The high compression ratio generates a low residual gas spectrum in the chamber, desirable for mass spectrometric applications, for example. The HiPace 300 H is especially suitable for particle accelerators in addition to numerous other applications. The vacuum pump comes in a radiation resistant version with external electronics as an option. With its sophisticated rotor design, the HiPace 300 H has a very high backing pressure compatibility of 30 hPa. This helps the pump achieve ultra-high vacuum when operating with high backing pressure in combination with diaphragm pumps. The HiPace 300 H also has an integrated “intermittent operation” function which switches on a backing pump only when the backing pressure is no longer sufficient. That lowers the energy consumption of the entire vacuum system up to 90 percent. The HiPace 300 H has a so-called hybrid bearing. This combination of ceramic ball bearing on the fore vacuum side and permanently magnetic radial bearing on the high vacuum side provides a particularly robust bearing concept. The end result is very high reliability and long life. Even the run-up time is reduced. That makes the application ready to use even more quickly. Remote and sensor functionalities allow the analysis of pump data, such as temperatures.

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