18. February 2013

Cash, crime, and cryptography

They manage dollar reserves, itemise valuable museum collections, and encrypt NATO data. The software companies of Adlershof provide developments that enhance security at many authorities and business establishments. The more valuable the paintings in the basement are, the greater the complexity of the safety precautions they need. When the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden wants to know the value of the art objects in its extensive archives and the security level they need, it resorts to a solution provided by Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH. A company steeped in tradition, this Dresden provider has been running a sales and development office in Berlin since June 2010. “In Brandenburg we support the police in analysing crime figures, and in Saxony, Robotron regulates the exchange of information with other security forces,” explained Branch Manager Uwe Toman. Security is an important subject for banks too. So that the Deutsche Bank can keep track of every single dollar note in its reserves, an accounting program provided by asis Soft- und Hardware GmbH records all in- and outflows. Set up in Adlershof in 1995, this IT company launched its latest development in the form of an antitheft and antivandalism system for sports boats, cars, and motor scooters. “A second mobile phone in the vehicle can even register with a motion detector when somebody is removing the boat’s engine or vandalizing the scooter,” explained Managing Director Jens Hertlein. asis developed for this purpose the mobile phone app tracknote that automatically texts the owner when the vehicle is being moved from its original location. As an additional service, a partner company can monitor the vehicle around the clock when the owner is away. “We intend to expand our apps business unit in future,” confided Hertlein. At the beginning of the year, asis took on another two employees, increasing its staff to ten. The Munich company Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG has enlarged its Adlershof location on an even grander scale. The cryptography subsidiary Rohde & Schwarz SIT GmbH moved into the Technology Park building in 2001 with 45 employees. By the end of November last year, the SIT employees, now numbering 87, moved into an extension with additional development laboratories covering 3,350 square metres. These were joined by 70 employees from the Rohde & Schwarz radiotechnology business unit that develops amplifier and head end systems. By Manuel Berkel for Adlershof Special Links: