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Jobs for Refugees in Berlin

Refugees and sponsors in dialogue

An initiative of the Science and Technology Park Berlin Adlershof for the integration of refugees into the labour and educational market. In cooperation with companies and institutions as well as various cooperation partners.

Become involved with us in the form of:

  • mentoring and sponsorships
  • internships and jobs
  • trainee positions and places to study
  • activities and projects
  • sponsoring

Since 2015, WISTA Management GmbH and the law firm Dr. Ing. Zacharias, together with cooperation partners, arranged frequent international evenings where refugees could meet sponsors. The refugees received advice and support for their career development in Berlin.

Free Joblistings for Refugees and Companies

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Adresses for Refugees in Adlershof

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Dr. Ulrich Zacharias
Lawyer's Office Dr. Zacharias

Volmerstraße 5-7, 12489 Berlin
+49 30 6392-4567


TV-Show "My Berlin" in Adlershof
Start-up Boreal Light brings clean drinking water and eco-electricity to the poorest regions of the world
6. Internationaler Abend in Adlershof. Bild: WISTA
6th International Evening in Adlershof
Geflüchtete und Unternehmensvertreter trafen sich zum Austausch
Bild: © Adlershof Journal
We support refugees in Berlin
The volunteer refugee coordinators of the Technology Park Adlershof
Bild: © Adlershof Journal
A mentor for Jamal
Henrik Kinnemann is responsible for future developments for Siemens and for a nine-year-old
Syrer Basem Wabeh (l.), Jan Trommershausen (r.) AEMtec Geschäftsführer. Bild: © Adlershof Journal
Workbench and Willkommenskultur
The Syrian refugee Basem Wabeh works for AEMtec GmbH
Mohsen Makki, Geologe. Bild: © Adlershof Journal
Relieving pain and suffering: yesterday’s refugees build bridges
They once fled to Germany. It was hard for them in the beginning, but they have since come a long way. Now they help refugees themselves. We take a look at two encouraging examples.


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