Adlershof - TV / Media - Overview

Adlershof Film Studios: Berlin’s number 1 media location!

Sets, screenplays, post production, dubbing and more – the film studios at Adlershof offer the perfect conditions for any format, whether television shows or big budget film production. 10 studios, including the two 2,400 square metre Mega-Studios G+H, and the expertise of 2,000 staff, guarantee quality entertainment.

Watch This: The Adlershofer Media Faces

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Studio Berlin Adlershof GmbH

Am Studio 20, 12489 Berlin
+49 30 6704-5500
+49 30 6704-5505


Entwurf Wiili-Schwabe-Straße
Growth with a clear focus
MediaCity Adlershof is expanding
Cyril Tuschi
A hero’s quest
Virtual reality worlds are interactive adventure stories for the whole family
Andreas Stadler
Table 4.0
System 180 GmbH develops inspiring office environments
Election debates only take place every four years
Interview with Nick Zimmermann and Mike Krüger from Studio Berlin about turbulent times, the digitisation of business and the recovery of companies
Retirement? No, thanks
Reinhard Mann and his team at auvisign GmbH provide their customers with video and sound
The Mothership
Concert films and music videos from the Adlershof Media City
Filmkomponist Moritz Denis
The Master of Plucking Strings
How soundtrack composer Moritz Denis gets ideas for his music


Sun 28 Oct

12.45 - 19.30 Klein gegen Gross - Das unglaubliche Duell Am Studio 20, 12489 Berlin

Sun 28 Oct

20.45 - 22.00 ANNE WILL - politisch denken, persönlich fragen Am Studio 20, 12489 Berlin

Mon 29 Oct

19.45 hart aber fair Am Studio 20, 12489 Berlin
Studio C

Sat 03 Nov

11.45 - 17.00 The Voice Kids Am Studio 20, 12489 Berlin


Adlershof Special 37
On air: TV/Media. 2014