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Adlershof Film Studios: Berlin’s number 1 media location!

Films have been made here since the 1920s, and since 1956 much of what is seen on television has been made at Adlershof. Programming spans topics from politics to pop, produced by Studio Berlin and around 100 other companies located here.

Sets, screenplays, post production, dubbing and more – the film studios at Adlershof offer the perfect conditions for any format, whether eSports events, television shows or big budget film production. 10 studios, including the two 2,400 square metre Mega-Studios G+H, and the expertise of 2,000 staff, guarantee quality entertainment.


Studio Berlin Adlershof GmbH

Am Studio 20, 12489 Berlin
+49 30 6704-5500
+49 30 6704-5505


Mike Zimmermann, Lichthaus © WISTA Management GmbH
“Building this studio was a dream of mine”
One of Europe’s largest XR (extended reality) studios is being created in Adlershof’s Science City
Team Angry Hamster © WISTA Management GmbH
Two movie buffs and a hamster do advertising
Explainer videos are more than moving-image manuals
Papplikum The Voice of Germany © Rost: Werbetechnik GmbH
An incisive experience in the company's 30-year history
Rost Werbetechnik is fighting for survival and created the “Cardboardience”
Anne Becker im Adlershofer Fundus © WISTA Management GmbH
A treasure trove of costumes and props
The costumes and props of the Adlershofer Fundus is the place to go for authentic film sets
Berlin’s forgotten dream factory
The Johannisthaler Filmanstalten (Jofa) film studios were founded a hundred years ago
Direktorenzimmer DDR-Fernsehen © WISTA Management GmbH
Secret places
Time travelling through the Egg Room, the magnificent director’s office, and other hidden places
Entwurf Wiili-Schwabe-Straße. Bild: Adlershof Journal
Growth with a clear focus
MediaCity Adlershof is expanding


Adlershof Special 37
On air: TV/Media. 2014