Adlershof - Vicinity - Nature Park

Pure nature – Adlershof’s landscaped park

To preserve the precious natural habitat of the Johannisthal airfield, landscape architect Gaby Kiefer developed a three-zone concept, comprising an activity park, landscaped and nature reserve areas.

The airfield had lain abandoned since the 1940s, allowing nature to take over. This 26 hectare area, today at the heart of park, was officially declared a conservation area in 2003. The nature reserve is surrounded by a raised walkway making it possible to explore the area without disturbing it.

The activity park area, which includes 30 allotments, lies between the elevated walkway and plots allocated for future construction. What was once the runway, has become a meeting place for rollerbladers and skaters from all over Berlin.

The landscaped area was inspired by classic English landscaping, with open meadows and groups of trees. Securing public funding to maintain this green space is an ongoing task.



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