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Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg (LLBB)

Rudower Chaussee 39, 12489 Berlin

+49 30 39784-30
+49 30 39784-667


Institute of food, drugs, animal diseases and environment

  • consumer health protection, genetic engineering
  • infection control, animal disease protection, animal welfare
  • protection of the environment and nature
  • chemical safety, radiation protection
  • security, bioterrorism, civil protection


Mike Neumann © WISTA Management GmbH
In conversation with Mike Neumann
Since August, the chemist has been in charge of the State Laboratory Berlin-Brandenburg
Jan Trommershausen, AEMtec © WISTA Management GmbH
The new normal
How much did our workplaces change during the pandemic?
LLBB Director Norbert Buchholz © WISTA Management GmbH
The Health Profilers
Berlin and Brandenburg’s state laboratory, Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg (LLBB), is strengthening Adlershof’s analytics know-how with 380 additional ...
Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg
New projects are enhancing the Analytics network of competences at Adlershof
Now the Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg is locating in the City of Science