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Mathematikwettbewerb Känguru e. V.

Rudower Chaussee 25, 12489 Berlin


Dr. Monika Noack


The competition "Känguru der Mathematik" ("Kangaroo of Mathematics") is a mathematical multiple choice competition for grades 3 to 13 that takes place once a year in almost 50 countries. The non-profit association (located at the Institute for Mathematics at the Humboldt University in Berlin) plans and organizes this competition for German schools.

The activity of the association aims at the support of mathematical education in schools. The competition´s task is to arouse and establish a joyful interest in dealing with mathematical problems. The fear of the seriousness, severity and dryness of mathematics which is frequently existent in learners´thinking shall be dispelled a little by the stimulating, joyous and often slightly unusual problems.

The association also provides a rich variety of interesting problems of the last years to support learners´work on their own and in class.