Versuchsanstalt der Hefeindustrie e.V. (Research Center for Baker's Yeast) - Firma in Berlin

Versuchsanstalt der Hefeindustrie e.V. (Research Center for Baker's Yeast)

Volmerstraße 7B/9A, 12489 Berlin

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+49 30 6392-3170 +49 30 6392-3174


Dr.-Ing. Michael Quantz


The VH Berlin e.V. is located at the Center for Biotechnology and Environment I (ZBU I) in Adlershof. The VH Berlin is a non profit association (e.V.), its Research Institut for Baker's yeast provides services and applied research on

fields of yeast technology to today 40 international members.


As a neutral, certified third party test lab, we support yeast manufacturers

striving to achieve reliable quality of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces

cerevisiae) and products (extracts, fractions) derived from it.

The VH Berlin runs three quality labs, providing

quality analyses for fresh, compressed and instant active dry yeast,

molasses, sugar syrups and substrates, according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005

certified methods and standard operational procedures.

Our activities comprise of:

  • Product quality analyses for yeast manufacturers and suppliers

  • Applied research in our pilot plant and on-site

  • Qualification by training personnel, cooperation and consulting

  • Information and documentation


  • Education, Quali­fi­cation
  • Research and De­vel­op­ment
  • Services