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WISTA.Plan GmbH (ehem. Adlershof Projekt GmbH)

Rudower Chaussee 19, 12489 Berlin

+49 30 6392-3911
+49 30 6392-3901


Walter Leibl


Roland Sillmann


Urban development agency and trustee of the State of Berlin for the 420 ha science, business and media location Adlershof. With over 1,000 companies, the Humboldt University Science Campus and non-university research institutions, Adlershof is one of the 15 largest technology parks in the world. The development area also includes a residential area, the landscape park, and real estate owned by third parties.

Our services + projects

We are responsible for the development, master planning, supervision of the development plans, project management of the urban infrastructure and the administration of the trust assets.

We allocate land owned by the state to companies and investors and are responsible for the real estate marketing for the location.