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Pictures of the Science City Adlershof

Here you can download images of the Science City Adlershof. The photos are free of charge for non-commercial use only. For terms of commercial use please contact our Pucblic Relations department.

Please credit our images with the following copyright notice:

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Technology Park photos

EUROPA CENTER at the Forum Adlershof
Office building
EUROPA-CENTER at the Forum with installation "Heads shitfting
Heads, shifting at the Forum Adlershof
"Kopfbewegung - heads, shifting" is a project of the artists Josefine Günschel and Margund Smolka
“Heads shifting” at the Forum Adlershof
Forum Adlershof
Forum Adlershof
Former laboratory and workshop buildings on Rudower Chaussee. Today: Communication and event centre with café
Forum Adlershof at the Campus of the Humboldt University of Berlin (at night)
Adlershof. Science at Work
Light installation at the Audi Centre
Science Park Adlershof 2015
Adlershof Business Incubator
Forum Science Park Adlershof
Erwin Schrödinger Centre
Aerodynamic Park Adlershof
Trudelturm, Motorenprüfstand
BESSY electron storage ring aerial photo
Historical Windkanal of Deutsche Versuchanstalt für Luftfahrtforschung (DVL)
Aviation historical monument
BTB Thermal Power Station
Heat storage of the BTB's thermal power station with light installation by artist Nils R. Schultze




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Technology Centres photos

Centre for Biotechnology and Environment I (ZBU 1)
Technically equipped laboratory and office space on 13,000 m² floor space
Centre of Biotechnology and the Environment II (ZBU 2)
Laboratory, production and office space on 7,200 m²
Centre for Biotechnology and Environment II
Laboratory building with 7,200 square meters of floor space
Centre for Biotechnology and Environment (ZBU 2)
Centre for Photonics and Optical Technologies (ZPO)
6,500 m² with office and laboratory rooms, hall for scientific experiments with large-scale equipment
Centre for Photonics and Optics (ZPO)
Centre for Photonics and Optical Technologies (ZPO)
Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies (ZPV)
Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies (ZPV)
Centre for Microsystems and Materials (ZMM)
Clean rooms, offices, physical and chemical laboratories and storage areas on 6,500 m² floor space
Centre for IT and Media Technologies (ZIM 1)
3,168 m² office space for media and information technology companies
Centre for IT and Media Technologies I (ZIM 1)
Centre for IT and Media Technologies I (ZIM 1)



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Panorama photos

Adlershof Panorama
Cranes behind the HU campus
Adlershof at night
Laser above Adlershof
“Johann von Neumann” Building
Adlershof Business Incubator in the background
Aerodynamics Park
Adlershof Business Incubator (IGZ) Foyer
Campus of the Humboldt University



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Humboldt Campus photos

Campus Adlershof
Forum Adlershof, Erwin Schrödinger Centre
Campus Science Park Adlershof
Humboldt University of Berlin, Departments of Computer Sciences and Mathematics at the Johann-von-Neumann-Haus building
Campus at Night
Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum, Forum Adlershof, Geographisches Institut der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, WISTA Management GmbH
Campus Adlershof
Trudelwind tunnel, wind tunnel, Humboldt-University
HU Department of Physics
HU Department of Chemistry
Johann von Neumann-Haus
Office building, seat of the departments of computer science and mathematics of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
HU Lecture Hall, Long Night of the Sciences 2010
Vertical wind tunnel in the Aerodynamics Park
Large wind tunnel next to the Erwin Schrödinger Centre



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Aerial photos

Adlershof 1991
Historical aerial photograph
Adlershof Business Incubators
Adlershof 2019
©WISTA.Plan GmbH/Fotograf Dirk Laubner
Adlershof 2019
© WISTA.Plan GmbH/Fotograf Dirk Laubner



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Long Night of the Science

Great Wind Tunnel Adlershof
LNdW Adlershof: Large Wind Tunnel
Little researchers at the microscope
HU - Institute of Computer Science: RoboCup - Soccer Playing Robots
LNdW Adlershof: Sandbox
HU - Institute of Geography: "I build my own landscape", Augmented Reality Sandbox
Virtual Worlds

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