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23. April 2013

The architecture of dialogue

The new Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies Centre ZPV in Adlershof

Kezban Saritas and Bernd Ludwig are looking forward to new tenants
Kezban Saritas and Bernd Ludwig are looking forward to new tenants
A place where the identity of the linking research subject can be experienced: that was the goal of architect Gunther Henn. The outcome is an architecture of dialogue. Bernd Ludwig, Director of the Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies Centre ZPV in Adlershof, is understandably proud. As high as the building itself, a very bright foyer with galleries and a sculpted, free standing set of stairs presents visual links between all floors. „Here you will meet again at least once a day,“ Ludwig is convinced. The operating company WISTA-MANAGEMENT is building the new centre in difficult times for the PV sector. Does this ailing sector really need 8,000 square metres? Kezban Saritas, Ludwig’s representative, gives a dismissive wave: Renewable energies do not mean photovoltaics alone – that would be too narrow minded. The new centre is the meeting place for interested parties from all fields of renewable energies: not only wind, solar, water and geothermics, but also grid integration and storage technologies. “The difficulties a number of solar companies are facing do not mean that photovoltaic is not a subject for consumers. The turnaround in energy policy is continuing, and it’s the mixture that now counts. This is also reflected at the new centre.” For instance, the tenants for the ZPV will come not only from all facets of photovoltaics, but from renewable energies in general, including service providers, software developers and storage technology companies. Saritas and Ludwig can also picture solar architects, legal experts for the Renewable Energy Sources Act EEG and solar fitters. “The building has been prepared for all needs,” explained Ludwig, “and its flexible layout with ultra-modern supply technology provides the best research and working conditions. Whether brainstorming rooms, physical and chemical laboratories, trial areas on the roof or halls for pilot runs – everything is provided for.” The new tenants can immediately start work according to the Plug & Play principle. The number of enquiries from potential tenants to date has put them both in an optimistic mood. Ludwig is convinced that the new building will act as a crystallization point for new ideas. Saritas added that this will also be supported by a pioneering series of events for sharing information at the location – and beyond. The meeting and seminar rooms allow a wide and diverse range of uses, and green roof terraces are an appealing environment during the breaks. Also the canteen on the ground floor benefits the whole northern premises of the Adlershof technology location. By Rico Bigelmann for Adlershof Special