02. August 2022

Dr. Sven Ramelow was awarded an Einstein Junior Fellowship

The Einstein Foundation Berlin supports the HU scientist's research in the field of quantum optics

Sven Ramelow/IRIS Adlershof
Sven Ramelow. Photo: IRIS Adlershof

The experimental physicist and head of the Emmy Noether junior research group "Nonlinear Quantum Optics", Dr. Sven Ramelow, is doing research in the project "Sensors with entangled photons in the middle infrared" at IRIS Adlershof and the Department of Physics of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His approach is based on quantum-based measurements with so-called undetected photons: a new method in which entangled photon pairs are used to collect measurement information in different infrared ranges without using infrared lasers or detectors. The first industry-related applications are already in the development phase with the participation of the researcher.

Sven Ramelow has now been awarded an Einstein Junior Fellowship by the Einstein Foundation Berlin. The Einstein Foundation funds Einstein Junior Fellows with a total duration of three years. The project is intended to advance further basic research for quantum sensor technology and make it usable e.g. for imaging procedures in medical diagnostics.

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Source: IRIS Adlershof