Adlershof - Real Estate - Overview

Five good reasons to locate to Adlershof

Locating your business at Adlershof means you’re in the best of neighbourhoods. Nowhere else in Germany will you find such a density of high tech businesses, research and university institutions. Not only that: there are three start-up centres, new residential areas and a large park. Get more information about our Welcome Packs.

If you are interested in infrastructure measures, land and residential projects, consult WISTA.Plan GmbH, our urban development agency and trustee of the Federal State of Berlin.

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Let's check out our Top Five USP's:

  1. Best-Location: 30 minutes to the City Centre and 10 minutes to the airport
  2. State of the Art Technology in the fields of photonics and optics / microsystems and materials / biotechnology and environment / IT and media / analytics and renewable energy and photovoltaics
  3. Great Research Infrastructure: Accommodates thousands of scientists and students with a wealth of ideas
  4. Bespoke Welcome Packs
  5. Tradition: the innovative spirit has prevailed at Adlershof for over 100 years


Dr. Peer Ambrée
WISTA Management GmbH
Executive Manager Technology Centres and Incubators, Authorized Officer

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Katerina Malinski
Sales, Legal and Marketing / Company Lawyer

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Current Commercial & Housing projects Adlershof
Expanding capabilities
Real Estate offers in Berlin Adlershof

Establish your business with properties ready for development.

Rental offerings in Berlin Adlershof

Flexible and customisable offices, labs and industrial spaces from 20 to 80,000 square metres for rent.

Business Incubators in Berlin Adlershof

Business incubators, coworking space and several startup programmes offer support for new businesses.

Residential districts in Berlin Adlershof

The new ‘living on campus’ area: urban living in the midst of Science City.

Adlershof Technology Clusters and Centres

Centre for Microsystems and Materials

Centre for Microsystems and Materials in Berlin-Adlershof

Clean rooms, offices, physical and chemical laboratories and storage areas on 6,500 m² floor space

Berlin is the third largest MST site in Germany. More than 50 companies operate in the field of microsystems and materials in Adlershof. With its Technology Centre ZMM, WISTA offers the industry the ideal environment.

Centre for IT and Media

Centre for IT and Media (ZIM) III

Adlershof IT Centre ZIM III - Hardware and software development on 5,400 m² floor space

In Adlershof, WISTA offers three buildings for companies and start-ups from the information and media technology sector. Diverse networks and cooperation with scientific institutes provide support for the digital challenges.

Centre for Biotechnology and Environment

Centre of Biotechnology and the Environment in Berlin Adlershof

Laboratory, production and office space on 7,200 m²

Biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceuticals are among the fastest-growing industries in Berlin. In our two centers for biotechnology and environmental technologies, company founders and top researchers are given the best starting opportunities.

Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy

Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies in Berlin-Adlershof

Offices, laboratories, workshops, halls and equipment rooms on 8,000 m² floor space

The renewable energy technology field is growing rapidly. The ZPV Technology Centre with laboratory and office space has been specially designed for companies in this sector. Modern halls allow the tenants to produce on site.

Centre for Photonics and Optical Technologies

Zentrum für Photonik und Optik in Berlin-Adlershof

ZPO I with offices, physical laboratories and clean rooms on 6,400 m² floor space

The Berlin-Brandenburg region is home to one of the most significant clusters for optics technologies in Europe. In the six buildings of the Centre for Photonics and Optics (ZPO) there are 17,000 square metres of lab and office spaces for businesses in this sector.

WISTA Coworking Space

Arbeitsplätze im Coworking Space IM.PULS

50 workplaces in the open-plan office provide opportunities for exchange and cooperation for students, project groups, founders or business travellers at favourable conditions.