Berlin Adlershof:
One Location. Two Faces.

Berlin Adlershof: One Location. Two Faces.

Living and working in Berlin Adlershof

It only takes half an hour by S-Bahn  to get from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Adlershof. Once you arrive, there’s plenty to discover to either side of the railway that crosses the site. To the east you will find the old town, once upon a time a farm, and today boasting 19th century architecture, a market square, schools, churches, a cinema and shops and restaurants around Dörpfeldstraße, between the historic district of Köpenick, the Teltow canal and Adlergestell.

Historically, the area to the west of the railway has been less tranquil. This is the site of Germany’s first airfield, Johannisthal-Adlershof. It was a place for work, not residence. It has witnessed many a turn of era with the rise and fall of the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Nazi regime, the Soviet occupation, the GDR, and the vacation of the site by East Germany’s state television, academy of science, and state security.

There is little to remind us of past upheavals, and mostly only the monuments remain: the ‘Trudelturm’ (a vertical spin tower, built for aerodynamics research), the wind tunnel, the Ehrlich building, the thermo laboratory dubbed the ‘Adlershofer bosom’, and a few 1930s lab and office blocks. Otherwise, this area is so new and futuristic-looking, that one could be forgiven for mistaking the Technology Park for the set of a Stanley Kubrick film.

The main road here is Rudower Chaussee, and the tram running along it connects the university campus, the Technology Park and even a new residential area, further linking the areas to either side of the railway.

Right around the corner

Further information about Adlerhof’s leisure and culture offerings can be found on the following pages:

The surrounding neighbourhoods are also worth a visit: Altglienicke, Köpenick, Johannisthal, Niederschöneweide, and Rudow.



A box full of memories

Sabine Berger was an animator on GDR television. An exhibition at Theater Ost commemorates the start of broadcasting:

Guten Abend, verehrte Fernsehfreunde – good evening, dear TV fans – were the fairly unspectacular words that launched the first two-hour broadcasts of German television in the former Soviet occupation zone, uttered by…


The honorary sweeper

Kurt Kann-Klara makes sure the historical airfield stays clean:

He always has his tools with him. Garbage bags, hand sweep and dustpan, all are at the ready in his bicycle basket. Additionally, he has a pair of gripping tongs that help him pick up rubbish without bending down. And…


In conversation with Michael Adam

Veteran Adlershofer and a service worker at Leibik Catering & Event GmbH:

“Radiate joy and you will receive it doubly.” Michael Adam, a veteran Adlershofer and a service worker at Leibik Catering & Event GmbH, was able to test his life motto in practice at the Technology Park for decades:…


A hint of Sicily in Adlershof

A German-Italian food truck serves up gourmet sandwiches and burgers:

Once upon a time, a Sicilian and a German cook met at an Austrian restaurant. Together, they founded “FOOD – Taste of the world on the road”, a food truck serving gourmet sandwiches, which has been a permanent fixture…


“I like clear lines and shapes”

Simon Eichmann’s impressive photos of the Technology Park:

For his final project after studying photography, Simon Eichmann chose subjects from the Technology Park Adlershof and baffled everybody with impressive photos with unusual perspectives. Simon Eichmann discovered his…


Expo – Airship – Tiny House

MOC Simulation is breaking new ground:

It’s where pilots learn to fly, train drivers fine-tune their skills, safely steering hundred tons of steel across the tracks, and amusement park visitors can experience the most unusual situations up close – we’re…

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