Kathrin Goldammer becomes member of German-Japanese Energy Transition Council

The council aims to promote scientific exchange on energy transition issues between the two countries:

The German Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) has appointed RLI Managing Director Kathrin Goldammer as a member. At the council’s recent meeting in Berlin on November 28-29, she will attend the meeting for the…


New Leibniz Junior Research Group at Max Born Institute

Dr Daniel Schick is in charge of investigating fundamental aspects of ultrafast magnetization dynamics on the nanoscale using laser-driven soft-X-ray sources:

Starting in January 2023, the research portfolio of the Max Born Institute will be complemented by a new Junior Research Group led by Dr. Daniel Schick. His proposal “Following Complex Spin Structures in Time and…


Tomography shows high potential of copper sulphide solid-state batteries

Researchers from HZB, Hereon, HU and BAM succeed in observing solid-state batteries during charging and discharging:

Solid-state batteries enable even higher energy densities than lithium-ion batteries with high safety. A team led by Prof. Philipp Adelhelm and Dr. Ingo Manke succeeded in observing a solid-state battery during…


BAM investigates pharmaceutical production without solvents and CO₂ emissions

The IMPACTIVE joint project aims to demonstrate the advantages of mechanochemistry for more environmentally friendly pharmaceutical production:

The Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) is developing a more sustainable process to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients in a major EU project: The pilot project is intended to demonstrate the…


Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and Qcells jointly coordinate four-year research and innovation project PEPPERONI

European pilot line for innovative photovoltaic technology based on tandem solar cells:

PEPPERONI, a four-year Research and Innovation project co-funded under Horizon Europe and jointly coordinated by Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and Qcells, will support Europe in reaching its renewable energy target of…


Intense femtosecond light pulses in the mid-infrared for spectroscopic and technical applications

Researchers from the Max Born Institute report on a new light source that delivers ultrashort infrared pulses beyond 10 µm wavelength with record parameters:

A new light source generates ultrashort infrared pulses at wavelengths around 12 µm with previously unattained peak intensity and stability. First experiments in vibrational spectroscopy on water demonstrate the high…


IKZ team develops novel fluoride crystal for laser cooling of solids

IKZ researchers identify a novel crystalline material to boost all-solid-state optical cryocoolers:

Laser cooling of solids by anti-Stokes fluorescence is a unique technology enabling noncontact compact, lightweight, and vibration free cooling systems, so-called all-solid-state optical cryocoolers. Special crystals…


FBH develops more cost-effective laser systems in ophthalmology

The miniaturized pump laser modules are flexible and can be optimally adjusted to the wavelength:

Detachment of the retina in the eye can lead to visual impairment and even blindness. Laser coagulation is a well-established method to treat holes or fissures in the retina using laser points. This technique is used…


Team of the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut receives Big Laser Award

FBH scientists awarded at ISLC 2022:

Scientists from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut were honored last week with the "Big Laser Award" for the highest performance presented at the "International Semiconductor Laser Conference" (ISLC) in Japan. The award…


Semiconductors for space, satellites, and quantum technologies at “Space Tech Expo Europe”

The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut exhibits space-qualified diode laser modules with narrow linewidth and optical frequency references for satellite and quantum technology applications in Bremen:

From November 15-17, 2022, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) will present its developments at the Berlin-Brandenburg joint stand in hall 6, R36. The Berlin-based research institute has many years of comprehensive…

Adlershof Journal September/October 2022

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