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Analytic Technologies

Analytic Technologies Adlershof

Many of the analytics businesses and organisations are considered leaders on an international scale, including the Helmholtz Centre’s electron storage ring BESSY and Humboldt University’s Graduate School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof (SALSA). ‘Analytic City Adlershof’ is a joint effort by WISTA, IGAFA und Humboldt University to establish a cooperation platform for industry and research. It aims to create a cross-sector network of researchers, method developers, engineers and salespersons across life science, environmental technology, energy, optics and photonics, and microsystems and materials.


Axel Gutzmer
WISTA Management GmbH
Technology Centres/Laboratory


Adlershof Special 41
Shaken, stirred and microscoped. Analytics 2015
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Analytic City Adlershof – A prime location for analytics. 2014
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Innovative Analytics. 2013
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Fast, Mobile, Precise – The New Analytics. 2011
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