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The Campus Club Adlershof is an exchange and information format for start-ups with other interested Adlershof companies and research institutions. The format started in January 2020 with an event on the competence field of new materials, but in the future it will also be open to other topics (depending on the demand from Adlershof companies and facilities).

The initiative aims to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between start-ups, students, young scientists with established institutes and companies, in order to develop new ideas and products. Another goal of the format is to attract new employees for innovative companies.


The Campus Club is an initiative of WISTA Management GmbH, Humboldt Innovation, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, the Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences of HU (IRIS), Technologiekreis Adlershof e.V. and OrelTech. Start-ups, established companies and research institutions at the location are invited to exchange ideas and suggestions and to develop interest in new fields of knowledge and products.


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New Network “Campus Club Adlershof” for Material and Environmental Technology

Interdiciplinary Cooperation and Talent-Recruiting:

With more than 60 participants, the event exceeded all expectations. The start-ups OrelTech, INURU, Nano-Join, Tiwari, Solaga and PSC presented the current status of their research and products from the Adlershof competence...


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WISTA Management GmbH

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Dr. Natalia Zamoshchik, CEO, ORELTECH GmbH

We really enjoyed today's event, both as an organizer and a participant. The feedback was great - we met several students who'd like to find a job in the next half a year, and applied to OrelTech. Additionally, we received several collaboration offers, both from academic and industrial partners. I have to say that at least for us, the goals of today's meeting were achieved to a 100%. The organization was great as well, and the timing worked perfectly. We are looking forward to the next one.


The Campus Club for Materials’ is an excellent initiative that promoted an informal dialogue between the presenting companies/institutes and the participants - whose large turnout was rather surprising considering that this was the first such event under the Campus Club banner. This was not only a good opportunity for us to present our work & company in front of an interested audience, but also fascinating to learn about the developments being done by other new and also established companies. We believe that such events and dialogue are highly necessary to get the best out of the large pool of highly intellectual and talented people from all over the world that we have in our science and technology park in Adlershof.”

Ruggero Schleicher-Tappeser, Geschäftsführer / CBDO PSC Technologies GmbH 

I would like to thank you once again for the Campus Club event on 15 January 2020. I was able to make a number of interesting contacts. Among other things for the use of metrological possibilities at neighbouring institutes and companies. Such events are very helpful for us, because in Adlershof there is a huge potential of cooperation possibilities, which can only be discovered and developed through personal contact. Specialized short events at the end of the day, where you can easily meet people with similar interests, are very useful.