Adlershof's Technology- and Start-Up Centres

WISTA Management GmbH is operating twelve technology centres in Adlershof, focusing on five technology clusters: Photonics/Optics, Microsystems/Materials, IT/Media, Biotechnology/Environment and Renewable Energy/Photovoltaics. The centres provide the perfect infrastructure, their managers are involved in specialist networks, establish contacts, support cooperations and take part in sector events and trade shows.

IGZ, OWZ and the Startup Incubator Adlershof for Humboldtians, the three business incubators in Berlin Adlershof, are located close to the Humboldt University’s Natural Sciences Campus, and renowned non-university research institutions. They offer special welcome packs for young and innovative businesses.

Our Technology Centres in Berlin Adlershof

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Technology group and networks

The technology group ‘Technologiekreis Adlershof e.V.’ is an advocacy group representing the technology-oriented businesses located at Adlershof. Alongside membership of the OpTec Berlin-Brandenburg (OpTecBB) e.V., Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e.V., Berlin’s Research Association (Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.) and BioTOP groups, Adlershof has also joined IVAM e.V., Germany’s leading professional association for microtechnology, nanotechnology and new materials. The Centre of Excellence for Thin-film and Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics (Kompetenzzentrum Dünnschicht- und Nanotechnologie für Photovoltaik Berlin PvcomB) has situated its pilot plant at Adlershof.

Analytic City Adlershof

The technology park offers a unique concentration of organisations engaged with analytics. Analysis methods include chromatography, electrophoresis, spectroscopy, surface and structure analysis and microscopy. A comprehensive online database of the methods and technologies available is at your disposal.

Welcome packs and commercial estate for technology businesses

WISTA Management GmbH is the best partner for business relocation in Berlin Adlershof. Find out more about our welcome packs, services for start-ups and our estate, office and lab space offers.


Dr. Peer Ambrée
WISTA Management GmbH
Technology Centres and Incubators, Authorized Officer

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Tobias Kirschnick
WISTA Management GmbH
Start-up Projects

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Dr. Bernd Ludwig
WISTA Management GmbH
Technology Centres/Laboratory

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Dipl.-Ing. Susann Niemeyer
WISTA Management GmbH
IT and Services

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DIW Report: The economic significance of Adlershof
Impact on added value, employment and tax revenues in Berlin. Ed. WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH, 2011.
Portrait of the Adlershof Technology Park
Facts and figures on the high-tech location
Centre for Photovoltaics and Renewable Energies (ZPV)
Short portrait of the Technology Center ZPV in Berlin Adlershof
Centre for IT and Media (ZIM)
Short portrait of the Technology Centres ZIM I, ZIM II and ZIM III in Berlin Adlershof
Centre for Microsystems and Materials (ZMM)
Short portrait of the Technology Centre ZMM in Berlin Adlershof
Centre for Photonics and Optics (ZPO)
Short portrait of the Technology Centres ZPO I-V in Berlin Adlershof
Centre for Biotechnology and Environment (ZBU)
Short portrait of the Technology Centres ZBU I and ZBU II in Berlin Adlershof
Overview Berlin Adlershof
Adlershof Success Factors
The Impact of ERDF on the Science and Technolgy Park Berlin Adlershof

The Adlershof Technology Centres were largely financed with funding from the GRW — Joint Task of Improving Regional Economic Structure and from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).