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Costumes and outfits: The right appearance for every occasion

In the GDR film and television studios an entire equipment industry – costume, make-up and set designers – worked at a high level. The warehouses with their collections of costumes, masks, props, furniture and vehicles were countless square metres in size. Even after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Adlershof fund still housed many treasures, and both props and private customers lent out their belongings.

The fund has been closed since 2018. Some of the equipment was saved by the Alternative Fundus – A.L.F. The costume inventory as well as masks and wigs are mainly historical and specially made for film and television equipment. The offer is primarily intended to support smaller productions and cultural institutions.

Newly manufactured historical costumes are available at the Adlershof-based costume hire company “Kostüm-Zauberei”. With over 10,000 costumes on two floors, it offers its customers a journey through time. The passion for fine fabrics, lace, borders, stones and pearls is combined with the world of fantasy. Professional costume designers support you in choosing your outfit.


Alternativer Fundus A.L.F.

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