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Adlershof Journal March/April 2021:

How time flies… The Technology Park is turning 30

There's still room for development: 30 isn't old! // How to succeed: Starting a business – then and now // “Cardboardience” instead of audience: Rost Werbetechnik produces the row fillers // ...

From the Editor

Celebrating cooperation without confetti

You might well ask, dear readers, why the 12 March 2021 is a special day when looking at this issue’s cover. It’s the 30th birthday of the Technology Park Adlershof.

Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Adlershof was one of East Germany’s most important natural sciences research centres, counting 5,500 employees. Despite the high quality of research, the German Reunification Treaty provided for the liquidation of the Academy of the Sciences of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). In 1991, a group of far-sighted politicians in Berlin decided to create an “integrated landscape of business and science” here in Berlin’s South East.


They originally estimated that the establishment of the Technology Park would take three years. After 30 years, the result is impressive: Adlershof is a prospering location for high technology. During the current crisis, many things indicate that it will not be thrown off balance by it.

Is this a reason to celebrate? Yes. Since parties are not a thing in this pandemic, we will have to miss out on birthday cake, mixers, and stage shows. Instead, we are going to talk to some of the Technology Park’s pioneers in this issue. They will not only look back but also venture to look ahead.

Uwe Schneck, for example, a former GDR academy scientist, went down the free enterprise path after reunification and founded the FMB Feinwerk- und Messtechnik GmbH. The CEO of Bestec, Rainer Hammerschmidt, can also pass on 30 years worth of entrepreneurial experience. Furthermore, the cooperation agreement between ASCA GmbH and the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is also a great example of Adlershof’s success story.

Start-up activity is also important. Which is why xolo, a start-up with a revolutionary 3D printing process, also belongs in our anniversary issue.

We wish all our on-site partners a happy birthday!

Sylvia Nitschke


Illustration: Tüftler © WISTA Management GmbH


Adlershof puts you in a good mood: Why kitchenettes and water coolers are vital places for high technology

Essay by Joachim Fahrun, chief reporter at Berliner Morgenpost:

“Adlershof?” said my chief editor. “That’s a bit overcovered.” In the early 2010s, many people, including me, had reported so much on the Technology Park in Berlin’s South East that some eager media consumers thought it a bit...

Heike Böhme © WISTA Management GmbH


The keeper of the maps and plans of the Science City Adlershof

In conversation with Heike Böhme:

In the late 1980s, she was well on her way to becoming an inventor. Today she is the keeper of the maps and plans of the Science City Adlershof. During the post-reunification period, the 420-hectare area was the last of six...

Stefan Meister. Foto: privat


The data accelerator

Stefan Meister produces chips for faster internet in Adlershof:

The goddess of wind of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, Oya, is also responsible for transformation. “She tears away the old,” says Stefan Meister, who could indeed compare his work to hers. The doctor of physics has been...

FMB-Chef Uwe Schneck © WISTA Management GmbH


All grown up: the Technology Park Adlershof turns 30

An entrepreneur, a scientist, and a project manager take a look back and a look ahead:

Has it really been 30 years?! Yes, indeed. The science and business location Adlershof is having a milestone birthday in March. An entrepreneur, a scientist, and a project manager from Adlershof look back, take stock, and...

Rainer Hammerschmidt, Bestec GmbH © WISTA Management GmbH


Starting a business – then and now

What Bestec CEO Rainer Hammerschmidt can pass on to the team of the start-up JUNA:

Rainer Hammerschmidt was one of the first entrepreneurs of the Technology Park Adlershof. He enjoys passing on his experience to prospective business founders. Adlershof, thirty years ago. German reunification: Institutes...

xolo-Team im ZBU I © WISTA Management GmbH


Spooky materialisation where light beams meet

New processes from Adlershof-based xolo GmbH are revolutionising 3D printing:

The young Adlershof-based xolo GmbH is launching a novel 3D printing process. Their xolography is based on molecules that are fused to form high-precision components under the influence of light beams of different...

Dr. Susanne Schröder © DLR


Aerospace research has been shaping Adlershof for more than 100 years

In view of the development of the science and technology location, Andreas Schütz, DLR's spokesperson, speaks of “an incredible success”:

Even after 30 years, Andreas Schütz, spokesperson of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), is still amazed when he arrives in Adlershof coming from his office in Berlin-Mitte. While he was working for DLR in Adlershof between...

Christine Wedler, ASCA, und Matthias Koch, BAM © WISTA Management GmbH


Knowing what’s inside

The Adlershof-based ASCA GmbH signed a cooperation agreement with the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM):

Drug residues in drinking water, food contaminated with pesticides, UV blockers in the Baltic Sea: Residues of chemical substances are found everywhere. The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)...

Jule Specht © Jens Gyarmaty/HU Berlin


30 isn't old!

Psychology professor Jule Specht explores how personalities change over the course of life:

It was long believed that personality development is mostly completed at 30. However, results from psychology research show: There is a lot going on beyond one’s 30th birthday – people go through considerable changes,...

Papplikum The Voice of Germany © Rost: Werbetechnik GmbH


An incisive experience in the company's 30-year history

Rost Werbetechnik is fighting for survival and created the “Cardboardience”:

At first glance, it seems like the TV studio is full. Every second audience member, however, is made of cardboard. Since mid-March 2020 well-known German TV shows have been shooting without an audience for safety reasons. One...

Short News


Jugend forscht

“Jugend forscht” took place again in February. For the tenth time, WISTA Management GmbH hosted the regional competition for South Berlin, which took place remotely this year. Ninety-three children and young people took part with a total of 49 projects in the fields of work, biology, chemistry, geography and spatial sciences, mathematics, computer science, physics, and technology.



SCIENION AG is expanding

SCIENION AG, a life science company that has been based in the Technology Park Adlershof since its founding in 2001, is expanding and building its new headquarters on Wagner-Régeny-Strasse in Adlershof. By the end of 2022, it will build a four-storey building with laboratories, clean rooms, and spaces for manufacturing, storage, management, sales, and service as well as an underground parking garage on a 3,000-m2 lot.



Research project “BEST”

The Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) launched the “Blockchain for a smart energy market: BEST” project to study how blockchain technology can be best used for trading electricity in the context of the energy transition. The undertaking is financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for three years.



BAM turns 150

The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is celebrating its 150-year anniversary on 4 March 2021 with a digital symposium on “Trust in future technologies”. Participants include federal economics minister Peter Altmaier, BAM president Ulrich Panne, president of the Berlin Social Science Centre Jutta Allmendinger, and Ortwin Renn, the scientific director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS). Under the title “Science with impact”, numerous other events and talks are planned throughout the year.



Dissertation Award Adlershof

The Dissertation Award Adlershof 2020 will be given out on 4 May 2021. Out of 13 submitted dissertations, three young researchers will be given the chance to present their research to a jury in an easy-to-understand way. Whoever manages to do this best within 15 minutes, receives the 3,000-euro award. The prize money is donated by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, IGAFA (Joint Initiative of Non-University Research Institutes in Adlershof), and WISTA Management GmbH. When we went to press, it was not yet clear whether the event will take place at Erwin Schrödinger Centre (Start: 3pm), or online.

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