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Science Enablers

When people talk about Adlershof as a site for science and research, the focus is usually on the excellent performance of research institutes. That is a good thing. In this issue, however, we want to put the spotlight on the managers of science. The controllers and organisers, planners and architects, who are also those who make research results public.

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Nowadays, research institutions have more freedom to manage themselves – but also bear more responsibility. Twenty-five years ago, the Berlin-based Leibniz-Institutes have come together in the Forschungsverbund Berlin (FVB), a research association. The FVB-institutes are scientifically independent, but the joint administration takes care of key administrative tasks, including human resources, funding, procurement, construction and building maintenance, facility management but also coordinating large cooperative projects, management of external funding (“third-party funding”), knowledge and technology transfer and fostering the next generation of science.

The FVB’s growth is a testament to the success of this division of labour. A makeshift solution has turned into a model solution, says the head of FVB, Manuela Urban, in our interview.

This issue’s lead article looks at another German joint project. As part of the “Research Fab Microelectronics Germany”, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institute and Adlershof-based companies are paving the way for future technologies. Science management also includes organising international exchange. The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin has created strategic partnerships with Princeton University, the National University of Singapore and the Universidad de São Paolo. Two researchers tell us how they have benefitted from them.

One more thing: have you heard? Adlershof has a new workspace in Rudower Chaussee 17. Coworkers welcome!

Sylvia Nitschke
Head of Adlershof Print


A Day in the Life of a Science Manager

On my way to the office, I stop in one of Adlershof’s residential areas for a short stroll. The fresh morning air and the sight of the many flowers...

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In conversation with Manuela Urban, director of the Forschungsverbund Berlin e. V.

The Forschungsverbund Berlin e. V. (FVB) is Berlin’s largest non-university research facility, employing 2,000 people. As the science manager,...

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The Gründerwerkstatt is the anchor tenant of a new co-working space

They are all the rage: open spaces for working, networking and trying new things. Berlin is the world capital of co-working spaces and now the...

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Sophie Paul is a communications technology researcher and coaches a young rowing team

“I’m rather on water than on land.” It seems like this sentence is Sophie Paul’s article of faith, explaining why she moved from Bohnsdorf, where she...

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Cover story

Fresh cash for a new production line at the Ferdinand-Braun-Institute

Adlershof’s researcher and companies are advancing the development of microelectronics. The Ferdinand-Braun-Institute, Leibniz-Institut für...

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Behind the scene

The founder of Greateyes, Martin Regehly, sells his company for a new beginning in Brandenburg

Martin Regehly has pulled the emergency brake on his express train life. After winning the national science competition “Jugend Forscht” at 20 and...

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Safe & Sweet

Vaxxilon from Adlershof is introducing new sugar-based vaccines

“Vaccination is one of the most effective medical measures out there,” says Tom Monroe, CEO of Vaxxilon GmbH, whose research department is based in...

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Markus Wiencke

Building Bridges to India

A start-up is bringing STEM specialists from India to German SMEs

Markus Wiencke and his company Bluebilities moved into a new office at the OWZ Adlershof Start-Up Centre in May 2017. His goal: bringing German...

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Ulrich Horst, HU

A Visionary University

Research in Singapore, knowledge exchange with Princeton – the strategic partnerships of Humboldt-Universität (HU)

Jürgen Rabe and Ulrich Horst think a change of perspective in research and teaching is important. The two HU professors went to Princeton and...

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Looking into the Matter

A project group of the Fraunhofer-Institute IKTS is working on non-destructive testing methods

Is it possible to tell if a pineapple is ripe without cutting it open? Indeed, it is – using non-destructive testing methods. Ralf Schallert and his...

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Short Cuts

Photonics in Adlershof

EPIC Entrepreneurship – Startup – Venture Forum

Photonics industry executives, investors and start-ups will meet up at the Photonics Venture Forum in Adlershof on the 4th and 5h October 2017 to discuss entrepreneurship and funding opportunities.
Organisation: Berlin Partner, WISTA-MANAGEMENT GBHM, OpTecBB and the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)


Photonics Days in Berlin-Brandenburg

Another event in Adlershof: the laser optics aka microphotonics event lives on as Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg. OpTecBB e.V., a competence network for optical technologies, and WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH are hosting a workshop and an exhibition at Bunsen and Zuse Hall in Rudower Chaussee 17 on 18th/19th October 2017.
More information and registration:


New Smart Ideas

A² Demo Day

At Demo Day on 19th September 2017 (12am-5:30pm), the teams of the A² Adlershof Accelerator Energy will present their results after 16 weeks of coaching and collaboration with partnering energy companies Alliander AG, BTB GmbH, Enovos, GASAG AG, MVV Energie AG, Stromnetz Berlin and the bne Association of Energy Market Innovators.


Athletic Team-Building

Relay Race Adlershof

On Thursday, 7th September 2017, it’s time to get out your running shoes, find two team members and register for the 2017 Relay Race Adlershof. The challenge is three times 2.9 kilometres around the landscape park Johannisthal/Adlershof.


Celebrating with the neighbours

Adlershofer Herbstfest

The traditional Autumn Festival Adlershof will take place on Saturday, 16th September 2017, between 11am and 7pm. The programme includes music, dance and children’s activities. Local clubs and initiatives will offer information in their activities and their products. Culinary delights are also available.
Location: Kulturzentrum Alte Schule, Dörpfeldstr. 54/56.


Creative aviationists

Flying Soap Boxes Johannisthal

On 23th September 2017, there will be a flying soap box race on the former Johannisthal airfield, next to the sports centre on Segelfliegerdamm 47a between 1pm and 5pm. In remembrance of the aviation tradition in Johannisthal, local students have built flying soap boxes, which will be pushed, not flown, across the airfield.
Phone: 90297-4271

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Sylvia Nitschke
Director Adlershof Print

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