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Adlershof Journal November/December 2020:

Art, food and culture: Discover the unknown side of the Science City

Discover the possibilities! An expedition through Adlershof // The magic of transience: exploring the charm of forgotten places // New headquarters of the machine building company Jonas & Redmann // An era of...

From the Editor

Going out to explore

Do you know the sculptures in the garden of the former East German television company behind the sheepfold? What am I talking about? The sheepfold was the nickname given to the 1951 building of the East German television broadcasting company, known today as the Ehrlich Ensemble. The free-range concrete sculptures behind it were built in 1987/88 and have fallen into a deep slumber since. Like many other of the Science City’s now-renovated buildings and landmarks, they have been designated as cultural monuments and are well worth a visit. There is no need to wait for a free slot at the “Hidden Places” tour or the next “Open Monuments Day”. Why don’t you use your next lunch break for a stroll across the site?


The editors of this month’s issue want to do more than sharpen your awareness for the history of this high-technology site. They also want to invite you to explore the Technology Park Adlershof after your everyday work has ended. The site has new restaurants and bistros that not only want to quench your hunger and thirst but tickle your palate with the unknown. Here you will also find plenty of opportunities to chat with your friends, co-workers, or lab buddies in a friendly atmosphere. The 66 hectares of greenery of the landscape park Johannisthal/Adlershof offer enough room for active recreation. In addition, local gyms and other sports facilities offer a broad range of options. The “Gedanken-Gang”, an educational trail, offers insight into teaching, research, and manufacturing from Adlershof. For cultural buffs, we recommend visiting Adlershof’s theatre or the old town’s Kino Casablanca.

“Art in Adlershof” also plays a role in this issue and we hope the chapter will make you want to explore it. Seeing as I have been working in the Science City for 27 years, you might think I have turned every stone but far from it. I am routinely surprised by the new facets of this place. I hope you will be, too.

Sylvia Nitschke



The magic of transience

New on Instagram – Exploring the charm of forgotten places:

Adlershof reinvented itself after reunification. But some things outlived this historical turning point. Exactly how visible is former East Germany in Adlershof? We went out into the Science City to look for historical clues....

Illustration: D. Mahnkopf © WISTA Management GmbH


Where Fontane stopped rambling: A Technological Switzerland

Essay by Matthias Gerschwitz, a marketing and communications specialist, writer, and satirist:

Do you remember “Die Mundorgel”? The small red book and a collection of songs that people would belt out on bus rides, youth camps, and bonfires? It featured songs full of travelling tales and Wanderlust – which weren’t...

Bernd Haase © WISTA Management GmbH


In conversation with Bernd Haase

A digitisation professional and big fan of the landscape park Johannisthal/Adlershof:

If you want to immerse yourself in the history of the Science City Adlershof, make a stop at Bernd Haase’s DSC Digital Service Center. As a qualified measurement technician, he worked for East German television in the 1980s,...

Walid Hreich, Falafel Saida © WISTA Management GmbH


The falafel artist

Walid Hreich supplies Adlershof with Oriental dishes:

Some of his customers now come all the way from Köpenick. Some as far as Tempelhof. And so, it is safe to say that, over the course of three years, this simple food stall in front of the Centre for IT and Media has risen to a...

Felix Fiedler © WISTA Management GmbH


Discover the possibilities!

How an apprentice, a researcher, and a young entrepreneur explore Adlershof:

There is life after work. We wanted to know what young people, who haven’t been working on the site for very long, do in their free time or during their lunch break? Do they have any good tips? A tour for discovering...

Italienische Küche © WISTA Management GmbH


The culinary diversity of the Science City

From Mediterranean and Italian to Vietnamese – these are Adlershof’s newest restaurants:

Adlershof’s culinary diversity is growing. At three new restaurants, the owners, chefs, and cooks have created their own culinary world and are now luring in customers – not just at lunch time. Two of the showcased...

Produktionshalle Jonas & Redmann © WISTA Management GmbH


A three-point landing on Segelfliegerdamm

Custom machine building company Jonas & Redmann has a new headquarters in Adlershof:

Custom machine building company Jonas & Redmann will be moving into its new headquarters on Segelfliegerdamm in Adlershof in autumn. Segelfliegerdamm roughly translates to glider pilot causeway, which is a fitting address....

Projektion Fischschwarm © schnellebuntebilder


An era of side effects

The Humboldt Laboratory will open on 7 January 2021 at Humboldt Forum. It will also feature research from Adlershof:

A thinking space, a collaborative research project, and a place where science and the public enter into a dialogue: the Humboldt Laboratory in Berlin-Mitte will open its gates on 7 January 2021. The inaugural exhibition...

Josefine Günschel am ZMM © WISTA Management GmbH


Research as an art, art as research

Light installations, art in buildings, historical monuments: an expedition through Adlershof:

The Technology Park Adlershof in autumn. Shiny new buildings, the doors of high-tech companies and institutes are locked, only few people are outside. Hurrying across the site, it could easily seem like purely functional...

Short News

Improving the internet

The Technology Park gets Wi-Fi hotspots

Checking your e-mails, the most convenient traffic route, or information on the local aviation monuments – all this will be possible using the “Free Wi-Fi” that will be available on the entire premises of the Technology Park Adlershof by late 2020/early 2021. Does this extend to transmitting large data packages, like the ones used for streaming? Yes, albeit behind a paywall. The telecommunications provider 1&1 Versatel is expanding its offering to include 100-gigabit-per-second internet. But this is by no means all: Adlershof-based companies and research institutes will benefit from the introduction of a 5G network in mid-2021. This new cellular network standard will push forward the networking of industrial machines and smart devices as well as developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

Contact: Lukas Becker, Tel. +49 30 6392-2365


Experiencing together

Theatre in a tent

A former circus tent will serve as the new home ground for the Adlershof Theatre during the autumn and winter season to facilitate keeping with the Covid-related distance and hygiene regulation. In the tent, ventilation, heating, and a diverse range of performances are guaranteed.


Maintaining eye contact

Meitner Room now has video conferencing equipment

The video conferencing equipment of the Meitner Room is in high demand at WISTA Conventions, our event service company. It makes possible meetings with up to 10 people in one room and additional participants joining online. The system consists of a 65” screen, a soundbar with integrated microphones/speakers, and a camera. The meeting can be done via Microsoft Teams or any other service provider.

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