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Adlershof Journal January/February 2020:

A place for the bright-minded: meet the Science City’s start-ups

Dynamism meets experience: Adlershofer Accelerator in fourth round //  The future makers: High-tech founders instead of copycats //  Secret recipe for business idea: Search for answers to unmet demand // ...

From the Editor

A powerhouse of ideas

Now that you have unwrapped, tested, tried on, finished, or returned all of last year’s Christmas presents, the Adlershof Journal has a little extra for you. ‘Potenzial’ is the name of our newest printed offering, which will keep you updated on all the projects supported by WISTA Management GmbH. Find your hot-off-the-press issue enclosed. The series is kicked off by the Charlottenburg Innovation Centre (CHIC).

The CHIC is a home for business founders. Consequently, this month’s Journal is all about issues related to start-ups.


Read our cover story to find out what sets apart the young founders based in the Technology Park Adlershof from the IT start-ups in Berlin-Mitte. Up next, read why the Business Plan Competition Berlin-Brandenburg is still relevant even after turning 25 this year. In the other stories of this month’s issue, we showcase the founders of Nano-Join GmbH, who studied chemistry on the campus in Adlershof 20 years ago. Today, they develop silver sintering paste to make high-performance electrical components more effective and more efficient. We will also be taking a look at the next generation: Jonas Wanke, an Adlershof native, can look back on an impressive career at Germany’s most famous junior science competition ‘Jugend forscht’. We look forward to seeing if he will return to Adlershof with his own business one day.

If you have the desire to start a company but don’t have the right idea yet, I recommend the subsequent essay by Heike Hölzner. The professor for entrepreneurship und medium-sized businesses at HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences suggests grabbing the Greek god Caerus by his hair whenever he shows himself.

Sylvia Nitschke
Chief editor


Illustration: Dorothee Mahnkopf © WISTA Management GmbH


Unicorns, muses and other business idea myths: What is the holy grail of innovation?

Essay by Heike Hölzner, Professor for Entrepreneurship und Medium-sized businesses at the HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences:

Brilliant ideas or favourable opportunities? Many in today’s digital age are mulling over how innovative business ideas are created. Start-ups and corporations alike are seeking the holy grail of innovation: a tool or...

Marina Salmon © WISTA Management GmbH


How do you manage a co-working space?

In conversation with Marina Salmon, who in addition to WISTA’s co-working space is also in charge of the Long Night of the Sciences and the science slams in Adlershof:

Marina Salmon runs the show at the WISTA’s co-working space at Rudower Chaussee 17. When the Technology Park’s first-ever co-working space was founded in November 2017, the business economist also ventured into new territory....

Johannes Klick © WISTA Management GmbH


The cyber sentry

Johannes Klick consults companies on IT security issues:

A massive airstrike, a lightning attack in a computer game, or radiation that wreaks havoc in a computer’s processor? ‘Wikipedia’ provides several possible explanations as to what an ‘Alpha Strike’ may be. Johannes Klick and...

asis-Geschäftsführer © WISTA Management GmbH


The future makers

Adlershof brings forth high-tech founders, not copycats:

Starting a business in Adlershof is almost certainly a ticket to success. The strategies pursued by the founders, however, show that very different paths can lead them there. What unites them is that Adlershof turns good...

BPW Orga-Team © WISTA Management GmbH


A user’s guide to starting a business

The Business Plan Competition Berlin-Brandenburg turns 25 / 2nd Meet-up at the Technology Park Adlershof on 13/02/2020:

On 13 February 2020, founders, entrepreneurs and jurors will meet up at the 2nd Meet-up of the Business Plan Competition Berlin-Brandenburg (BPW) in Adlershof. One of the most well-known business plan competitions of the...

Manuel Popiol, Oliver Thronicker © WISTA Management GmbH


The water testers

The company Blue Biolabs develops microbiology test kits for wells:

Blue Biolabs GmbH moved to the Technology Park Adlershof in last autumn. The analysts at the company’s laboratories trace iron bacteria and other sources of water pollution. Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Berlin’s public water...

Cigdem Issever, HU Berlin © WISTA Management GmbH


On the origin and evolution of the world

The physicist Cigdem Issever just moved from Oxford to the HU Berlin:

What is dark matter? How does matter obtain mass? The physicist Cigdem Issever, who took up her post at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) and the DESY research centre in Zeuthen this summer, is seeking answers to these...

A²-Programmmanagerin Yvonne Plaschnick © WISTA Management GmbH


Dynamism meets experience

Innovative start-ups and established companies successfully collaborate in the A² Adlershof programme:

Finding a parking spot with an app, documenting a house’s mains connections using a smartphone, testing the functionality of your home’s heating with a camera, or checking whether the waste at recycling locations lands in the...

Nano-Join Gründer in Adlershof © WISTA Management GmbH


Secret ingredient for silver conductors

Start-up Nano-Join develops custom-made silver sintered pastes to improve efficiency of lasers and high-performance electronics:

Improving efficiency of lasers, high-performance electronics, and other (opto-)electronic systems often has to do without taking up additional space in a device. However, the higher the performance density, the more the...

Jonas Wanke © WISTA Management GmbH


Bitten by the invention bug

Eleven inventions: Jonas Wanke from Adlershof discovered his passion for programming at the ‘Jugend forscht’ science competition:

He builds soap usage reminder facilities and makes dogs glow in the dark: Jonas Wanke is only 19 years old and an avid inventor. An Adlershof native, he has competed in Germany’s most famous junior science competition,...

Short News

Science is fun

Adlershof Science Slam 2020

The much-loved science slam event series ‘Battle den Horst’ continues in 2020. All science slam fans should save the following dates: 23 April, 17 September, and 3 December. On 6 June, there will be a special slam on the ‘Long Night of the Sciences’. Daring researchers can get on stage to present their research in a brief and witty way. The Adlershof audience decides who was the most entertaining.


Young scientists with bright ideas

Jugend forscht

On 26 and 27 February 2020, the Technology Park Adlershof will host the regional competition Berlin-South of ‘Jugend forscht’, the national youth science competition. School children, apprentices, and students between the fourth year at school and 21 years of age can showcase their projects in the fields such as work, biology, chemistry, geography and spatial sciences, mathematics, computer science, physics, and technology. The ‘Jugend forscht’ visitors day will take place on 26 February between 10-13 in Volmerstrasse 2.


More precise mobility data

MovingLab at DLR

Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) have developed a new technology for gathering traffic data. A smartphone app automatically detects the routes and transportation used by respondents. The routes are precise down to the metre and the data are updated daily. Moreover, the routes can be linked with additional information. MovingLab’s data can be used by traffic researchers to better examine a variety of mobility issues and to make policy recommendations.


Young award-winning scientists

Dissertation Award Adlershof

The Dissertation Award Adlershof will be given out on 12 February 2020. Three nominated young scientists will present their research results in entertaining ways at 4 pm at the Erwin Schrödinger Centre. The jury will decide which presenter will receive the award and a 3,000 euros prize. The award is sponsored by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU), the Joint Initiative of Non-University Affiliated Research Institutes Adlershof e.V. (IGAFA), and WISTA Management GmbH.


Research grants from Brussels

Fresh funding for excellent HU projects

The proposals of three researchers of Humboldt-Universität were successful in the ERC Consolidator Grants competition. This award is given out by the European Research Council (ERC) for a period of up to five years and comprises a maximum of two million euros. The team of Philipp Adelhelm, a professor of physical chemistry of materials, is researching a radically new concept for rechargeable batteries. A group led by Susanne Schreiber, a professor of theoretical neurophysiology, is investigating the interaction between our brain’s nerve cells. Martin Rolfs, the Heisenberg Professor of General Psychology - Active Perception and Cognition, has set up an interdisciplinary team to investigate our ability to be physically active as a key component of visual perception. He combines innovative technologies and state-of-the-art psychophysical tools to characterise the systematics of visual actions.

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