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Adlershof Journal November/December 2018:

New Life Paths: This Is How We Do It

The self-driving tram: Adlershof engineers co-developed it //  Starting out by dropping out: Highly sought after trainees //  Unbreakable: Research on ultra-strong glass //

From the Editor

Transitions and New Beginnings

Real people’s biographies are rarely linear. They usually feature minor and major life crises, like divorce, disease, or a death in the family. Crises force us to reflect on our life path and change it. Sven Marx, who was once severely handicapped and now travels the world on a bike, writes about this in this issue’s essay section. One must respect his determination and courage!

People’s professional lives also go through times of transition, simply because the job market, companies, scientific institutions and society as a whole are constantly changing. Some transitions sneak up on you, while others happen abruptly.


If, for example, people lose their job due to a changing industry, or a company going bankrupt, employees have to quickly find new orientation. What can I offer to employers in terms of knowledge and skills? Do I need additional training or education?

What drives people, who leave their secure, high-salary jobs to seek new challenges? In his cover story, our staff writer Chris Löwer talks to two people who have changed sides: a scientist who became an entrepreneur and a company executive, who returned to research.

We also look at apprentices, who have made successful career changes. They are two of many college dropouts, who finally found a profession they love. Companies and institutes often greet these young people with open arms because they have more experience and personal development than those who recently graduated from high school.

Breaking the mold is often confusing, uncomfortable and requires courage. But changes always create new chances. It’s worth a try.

Sylvia Nitschke
Head of Adlershof Print


Illustration: Dorothee Mahnkopf


Just give up – and set new goals for yourself

Essay by Sven Marx:

It is not easy to live with two life-threatening medical diagnoses. My advice to everybody who is diagnosed with a life-changing disease: just give up! By that I don’t mean to give up on yourself but give up on your old life....

Nicole Acksteiner


Meet: Event Manager Nicole Acksteiner

The future director of Acksteiner Events is organising the Science City Adlershof’s first annual ball:

Nicole Acksteiner has courage. She is not afraid of entering unknown terrain. The event manager is currently making a name for herself for among the people of Adlershof for hosting the Science City’s first annual ball, which...

Borsu Asisi


The Online Revolutionary

Borsu Asisi is building a new foundation for digital communication:

For every technology, there is a time to step down. The steam engine was replaced by the combustion engine, the airship by the aeroplane, and propellers by jet fuel. For Borsu Asisi, this is the bottom line of 200 years...

Thomas Straubinger, IKZ


Stepping out of the comfort zone

From scientist to entrepreneur and back – Two examples from Adlershof:

A fresh start. Not many people dare to make it. However, a change of perspective can be very rewarding as is shown by the example of two people from Campus Adlershof, who went from researcher to business founder and from...

Dominik Sudau im Reinraum


Starting out by dropping out

Two apprentices from Adlershof tell us about their new careers:

Hundreds of thousands of young people in Germany go to university. The natural sciences are increasingly popular. However, every third student drops out of college. They do so for various reasons. Dropping out must not mean...

Siemens Mobility: Voss, Delianski


Battery electric buses and self-driving trams

The future has already arrived at Siemens Mobility in Adlershof:

When the first self-driving tram whooshes towards us, it looks like an ordinary tram riddled with cameras, sensors, radars and laser scanners. It is the most recent feat of the development department at Siemens Mobility,...

BAM-Wissenschaftler beim Guss von Glasblöcken


All You Need Is Glass

Scientists from BAM Adlershof are researching unbreakable glass:

Ralf Müller starts waxing lyrical when he talks about glass. “It’s such a fascinating material. Much lighter and even more robust than steel,” says Müller, who is head of the Department 5.6 Glass at the BAM Federal Institute...

HZB  Hysprint Labor Berlin


Sprinting towards the tandem cell

How the Helmholtz Innovation Lab HySPRINT brings together business and research:

Researchers at the Helmholtz Innovation Lab HySPRINT conduct application-based research on promising solar cells. The development of their refined ideas depends on bringing working together with the industry. A magical...

Mitarbeiter vinarIT


BIM creates inventions

Searching for skilled personnel, the company vinarIT is focusing on older staff:

vinarIT GmbH integrates IT systems for planning, implementing, and operating large infrastructure projects. The company needs staff who are skilled in construction technology as well as IT. A rare combination. The situation...

Andreas Künzel


Avoiding bridge failures through prevention

The start-up Sensical seeks to use fibre-optical measurement technology to examine buildings and develop maintenance plans:

Forty-three people died when a bridge collapsed in Geneva in mid-August. A ruptured cable was the likely cause. In Germany, too, the bad condition of many bridges regularly makes the headlines. In Berlin, many busy streets...

Short News


Falling Walls Lab Adlershof

Great minds, three minutes, one day: Charles Anthony R. Cotton from the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology is the winner of this year’s Falling Walls Lab Adlershof. His presentation on the issue of “sustainable production” prevailed against 15 other candidates, who each had three minutes to present their visionary ideas. For the first time, the competition was hosted by the BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing and the IGAFA (Joint Initiative of Non-University Research Institutes in Adlershof) on behalf of the Falling Walls Foundation. At over 40 applications, the event in Adlershof had by far the most applicants in the whole country.



“Adlershofer Brückenschlag” – where do we stand?

The “Adlershofer Brückenschlag” is a public engagement event aimed at building bridges between Adlershof’s citizens. It is hosted by the WISTA Management GmbH, Adlershof Projekt GmbH and the team of “Aktives Zentrum”. The next event will take place on 15 November 2018 between 8-9 pm at the cultural centre “Alte Schule”, Dörpfeldstraße 54-56. Topics will include new companies, investors, and the Science City’s population growth as well as the development regarding commerce and urban development in the area around Dörpfeldstrasse as well as building closer between the areas.
Registration by phone (030 63 92 22 47), or via e-mail to


Information II

HORIZON 2020 Space

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and the EU-funded network projects COSMOS 2020 will organise the International Information Days on 14-15 November 2018 in Adlershof. At Bunsen Hall (Volmerstraße 2), the event will provide first-hand information on the sixth space call in Horizon 2020. Matchmaking sessions will provide opportunities to expand one’s network and work on future collaborations. Participants can pitch their projects at pitch sessions.



Adlershof Science Slam

On 13 December 2018, the stage is open once again for five talents to present their research topics in witty and brief presentations. The event series “Battle den Horst” gives scientists an opportunity to face an audience, which also judges the presentatons and decides who wins the Science Slam.
Order your ticket (8€) at:
Venue: Bunsen Hall, Volmerstraße 2
Start: 6:30pm



Christmas House and Garden

Music, handicraft, food and a bunch of surprises.
1 December 2018, 2-6pm
Location: Kulturzentrum Alte Schule


Between breakfast, roast goose and gastritis

Solo evening with Franziska Troegner
8 December 2018, 6pm
Theater Adlershof


Christmas Concert

Berolina Chorensemble Köpenick e. V.
16 December 2018, 4pm
Verklärungskirche Adlershof

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