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Adlershof Journal May/June 2021:

Good news: our science community is not running out of ideas

New reality: unusual avenues in public relations //   Visual surprises: commercials from Angry Hamster film //   Meatball from the bioreactor: mushroom-based meat alternatives //

From the Editor

Courageous communication

The days of ivory tower research are long gone. Whether it’s climate change, the gender debate, or, most recently, the coronavirus pandemic – the public is showing a growing interest in science. Examples that show this are the millions of clicks on the podcast of virologist Christian Drosten, produced by the public broadcaster NDR, or the “MaiLab” YouTube channel of Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, a science journalist. On the other side, the voices of science sceptics are growing louder. The mission of science communication can therefore not be limited to explaining research. Faced with a flood of information, offering clarification and context and bolstering trust in the credibility and reliability of what researchers do are growing equally important.


Anja Wirsing and Oliver Perzborn tell us how science communication works today. WISTA Management GmbH’s communications team gives a report on the opportunities and risks of public relations in times of crisis. Peter Strunk is the head of the team and the spokesperson of the Technology Park Adlershof. He has been co-writing the script for Adlershof’s success story for over 20 years now. Now the job of speaker has been taken over by Cindy Böhme. In this issue’s interview section, they both tell us what drives them.

New formats such as the experimental laboratory “AnthropoScenes”, which will be launched in July, are aimed at opening and intensifying a continuous dialogue between science and society. The experimental laboratory brings together theatre and science to address the way humans treat their resources, using water as an example.

Immediately before this issue went to press, the editorial team received word that this year’s “Long Night of the Sciences” had been cancelled. There is some consolation for science fans: There will be a digital offering as well as a special programme on “radioeins” on 5 June 2021, starting at 7pm.

Lastly, film as a medium tends to be underrated in science communication, at least as far as explainer videos are concerned. The full-service agency Angry Hamster UG is new to Adlershof, where it is turning educational opportunities into sheer cinematic treats.

Sylvia Nitschke


Illustration Verschwörungstheorien. Dorothee Mahnkopf © WISTA Management GmbH


“Oh, so you have time to do that?” I do, indeed, and I will now tell you why

Essay by Josef Zens, head of public relations at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam:

The whole pandemic thing is tricky. It’s possible that Bill Gates is behind it all. Seeing as he is in control of the World Health Organisation, it would be easy for him to force vaccinations on people around the globe. He...

Peter Strunk, Cindy Böhme © WISTA Management GmbH


The well-known and the new voice of Adlershof

In conversation with Peter Strunk & Cindy Böhme, corporate spokespersons of the WISTA Management GmbH:

Name: Peter Strunk Occupation: Historian Born in: 1955 Lives in: Berlin Schöneweide With him, it’s all about the (hi)story. Peter Strunk is well-known as the voice of the Adlershof Technology Park. For over 20 years, he has...

Grafik Kommunikation © WISTA Management GmbH


How to communicate in a crisis?

A field report from the WISTA communications team following a year of the coronavirus pandemic:

How do humans react to danger? With fight, flight, or playing dead. When Germany was suddenly shut down on 14 March 2020 and the operating company of Adlershof Technology Park with it, which choice did the communications team...

Markus Krutzik © Marco Sensche


The atom catcher

Markus Krutzik studies the basics and applications of high-precision measurement technology:

When he moved to Berlin for his PhD in 2009, Markus Krutzik heard his supervisor say: “We will move to Adlershof soon.” The Frankfurt native had never heard of that place. It is now a decade ago that his academic and...

Nicola Rother © WISTA Management GmbH


Seeing is believing

Another cancellation of the “Long Night of the Sciences” – How can science communication also succeed digitally?:

Planning was at full steam, when it was suddenly cancelled in late April: The “Long Night of the Sciences” will, again, not take place this year as usual. We asked the organisers how digital science communication can succeed...

Prof. Jörg Niewöhner, HU Berlin © WISTA Management GmbH


Promoting community involvement by walking on water

The experimental laboratory “AnthropoScenes” will kick off on 1 July:

Knowledge transfer, an exchange on a level playing field, civic participation: Modern science aims not just at communicating its findings but also discuss with a non-scientific audience. It should be open to input from the...

Anja Wirsing, FVB © WISTA Management GmbH


The new reality

Replacing analogue with digital and hybrid – unusual avenues in public relations:

“Book a Scientist” is the name of a event series by the Leibniz Association. It involves interested parties discussing their favourite subject with a researcher for 25 minutes. “This is a nice format, especially during a...

Catherine Chaput, Irmgard Schäffl © WISTA Management GmbH


Meatballs from the bioreactor

Mushlabs GmbH uses fungal cells for producing a vegan meat alternative:

Fungi are highly efficient recyclers of plant waste, which they convert into proteins and other important nutrients. The young Hamburg-based company Mushlabs GmbH is developing a bioreactor process in which fungal cells...

Team Angry Hamster © WISTA Management GmbH


Two movie buffs and a hamster do advertising

Explainer videos are more than moving-image manuals:

Size doesn’t matter according to Willi Haninger, CEO and creative producer at Angry Hamster UG. Haninger and his business partner Marina Izquierdo work with a team of ten freelancers. “Our strength is that we tend to be...

Wen-Min Ji, Gemma Benítez Terreu © WISTA Management GmbH


Graphic design solutions for humanities content

The Visualink editor from the Adlershof start-up Whim_GbR is a tool for creating digital charts to improve teaching:

Wen-Min Ji not only studied philosophy, biology, and architecture, but is also very good at drawing. Working as a student assistant at Humboldt-University’s philosophy institute, the 28-year-old used her talents to...

News in brief

Networking event

Science meets business

Organised by Humboldt-Innovation and the Service Centre Research of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the event series “Science meets Business” provides researchers and entrepreneurs with a platform for an exchange on practical research issues. The aim is to look at application-focused research and potential for innovation from different perspectives and to discuss ideas for potential cooperation. The next event will take place digitally on 2 June 2021 on “quantum technology”. Keynote speaker is Markus Krutzik, head of the Joint Lab Integrated Quantum Sensors (FBH/HUB).


Application period

Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg

The hunt is on for the best innovations from the clusters health management; energy technology; ICT, media and creative business; optics and photonics as well as traffic, mobility and logistics. Berlin or Brandenburg-based companies, start-ups, founders, or cooperation partnerships from science and business can apply for the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg until 21 June 2021.



New offerings from the Health Network Adlershof

The online seminar “Ergonomics @ Home” (Dates: 5, 17, 27 May 2021) as well as the online workshops “Mental Fitness and Flow” (19 May) and “Stress-free Seeing” (19 May, 3 June) are open to all employees of the Science City Adlershof via the app “Gesund & Clever” free-of-charge as part of the Health Network Adlershof.


Virtual tours

The HZB in 360 degrees

This virtual tour offers insights into the world of research at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB). It kicks off with two tours of the accelerator BESSY II: “The Way of the Light” and “The Experiment” both start at the BESSY II control room. The tour continues to the place that has light-emitting electrons zoom through it at near-light-speed – the storage ring tunnel.


New Einstein Strategic Professorship

Boost for IT at HU

Jan Mendling, professor for process management and information systems at the Department of Computer Science of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, is one of the leading scientists worldwide in the field of business and information systems engineering. He is well-known for his interdisciplinary research agenda that brings together models and methods from computer science with operations research from management and organisation research. Mendling’s other, very timely research focus is on ways to use blockchain technology for model-driven approaches in process management. Mendling was previously a professor for business and information systems engineering at Vienna University of Economics and Business. His chair at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is sponsored by the Einstein Foundation Berlin.

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