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Adlershof Journal September/October 2018:

Better growth? Sometimes strong but always smart

Tailor-made crystals: materials for the high-tech industry // Useful blue-green algae: suppliers for cancer therapy // A hero’s quest: virtual reality worlds are interactive adventure stories // ...

From the Editor

Bent on growth

There are many answers to the simple question: what is growth? Trees and plants trail towards the light, children grow up, and people rise to challenges. Cities are becoming denser, so is traffic, GDP and business revenues are increasing as well as product diversity....

Growth equals development. It’s the opposite of stasis, for better or for worse. Growth can be both good and bad.


Growth can be measured in numbers. In Adlershof, for example, in terms of new companies on the site. This number is growing every year. According to last year’s survey, the City of Science now counts 1,088 companies and institutes. The site is seeing unceasing construction activity and the arrival of new businesses. We will introduce you to some of Adlershof’s new arrivals.

But can we speak of growing companies if revenues and staff are unchanged? What is qualitative growth? Read about the growth of the Technology Park Adlershof in our cover story. Get to know the inquiring mind of a biologist who doggedly researches how to use cyanobacteria against cancer and learn how the start-up neurocat is improving the security of artificial intelligence systems. Moreover, read on to find out how the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth develops new materials for the high-tech industry. The Science City Adlershof boasts many such stories of growth. Naturally, some insolvencies are also part of the story. While Adlershof’s companies differ in their focus, they have one thing in common: development, innovation and progress.

Sylvia Nitschke
Head of Adlershof Print


Illistration: D. Mahnkopf


The post-growth myth

The qualitative aspect of growth is making the apocalypse obsolete. Essay by Peter Heller:

The critics of economic growth are among its largest profiteers. After all, they are excessively benefitting from the blessings of modernity by using them to spread their message. The stars of the industry jet tirelessly from...

August Schleicher (l.) und Stefan Martini


„Adlershof is perfect as a location“

In conversation with Stefan Martini & August Schleicher, owner of the tax consultancy martini + schleicher Steuerberatungsgesellschaft:

All tax advisors are loners and mavericks? This classic tax advisor stereotype does not apply to Stefan A. Martini und August Schleicher. On the contrary, the two merged their respective offices to become the go-to office for...

Heike Enke


Researching bacteria

Heike Enke uses microbes to extract substances against cancer:

It all started with trips to the nearby lake Wannsee a decade and a half ago. That day, Heike Enke forgot to bring her swim wear. However, she did bring a 20-litre jerry can, which she filled with water and carried back to...

Farbanalyse mit Hyperspektralkamera. LLA Instruments


Growth through technology

How Adlershof-based companies develop:

How do Adlershof-based companies grow? Is growth plannable? Is it all about the numbers? We put out our feelers among successful companies on the campus. The optical measurement technology systems of the Adlershof-based LLA...

Entwurf Wiili-Schwabe-Straße


Growth with a clear focus

MediaCity Adlershof is expanding:

Prices for real estate in Berlin are increasing, while additional land for new businesses is scarce. The Adlershof site is becoming more densely populated. This is a new development. The doors keep turning at the office of...

Martin Lehmann


Manufacturing a new beginning

EBK Krüger is expanding in Adlershof:

The new headquarters of EBK Krüger in Adlershof is brand new - office buildings, manufacturing halls, meeting rooms, and staff locker rooms. Everything but the manufacturing facility that is about to put in operation in the...

Thomas Schröder


Tailor-made crystals

The IKZ develops indispensable raw materials for the high-tech industry:

Crystals are most commonly associated with glistening chandeliers or the spheres of fortune tellers. However, the lattice structures have become indispensable raw materials for the high-tech industry. The regular, repeating...

Cyril Tuschi


A hero’s quest

Virtual reality worlds are interactive adventure stories for the whole family:

On Sophienstrasse, in the utmost centre of Berlin, there is a gate do a different world. An infinite number of worlds, to be precise. A head-high metal frame on a plywood pedestal, a fan and a smell generator on the wall is...

Elena Holsten


Adlershof’s accelerator programme A² supports the development of start-ups

A Bavarian start-up teamed up with a Berlin-based energy provider on a project towards the digitisation of district heating data:

The “A² Adlershof Accelerator-Programm Berlin” made it possible for a Bavarian start-up and a Berlin-based energy provider to come together to work on a project towards the digitisation of district heating data. A² enabled...

neurocat GmbH


More security for artificial intelligence

neurocat GmbH tricks self-learning systems and makes them more reliable:

The Adlershof-based neurocat GmbH increases the security of artificial intelligence applications. The company’s young team is leading efforts for developing the industry’s security standards – which it is pushing forward in...

Short Cuts


Million euros investment by Jenoptik

Jenoptik is speeding up its order processing for the production of high-performance laser diodes in Berlin-Adlershof’s Technology Park thanks to new manufacturing facilities. The company is upgrading to meet the continuously high demand for semiconductor lasers. In the medium term, investments in the lower two-digit million euros range are planned for all three production areas, including epitaxy, wafer processing and facet coating.



Data ethics commission

Christin Schäfer, CEO of the Adlershof-based company acs plus, is one of 16 appointees for the federal government’s data ethics commission. The use of algorithms, artificial intelligence and digital innovation bears great potential. At the same time, it poses several ethical and legal questions. The data ethics commission was set up to provide some answers.



Falling Walls Lab Adlershof

Adlershof will host the North German qualifying round for the final of the “Falling Walls Lab” on 28 September. Applications can be submitted by 15 September 2018 via:
Location: Richard-Willstätter-Str. 11



Gründerwerkstatt Adlershof

The application period for the third round of the Gründerwerkstatt, a series of workshops for start-up entrepreneurs, ends on 16 September 2018. Application is open for post-grads and researchers from universities, non-university research institutes and start-ups. The programme supports technical and technology-focused business ideas. Up to three people in every team can receive a full-study grant of 1,500 euros / per month, per person. The programme kicks off on 1 November 2018.



2nd Health Day Adlershof

Under the headline “Stress in the Digital Workplace”, the 2nd Health Day in Adlershof will take place on 18 September 2018. Between 10am and 3pm, there will be seminars, workshops and courses on stress management, progressive muscle relaxation, and autogenic training at Rudower Chaussee 17. The day is aimed at all staff of the Science City Adlershof. Admission is free.



Photonics Days Berlin-Brandenburg

The Technology Park Adlershof will host the Photonics Days Berlin-Brandenburg on 17-18 October 2018. After last year’s successful inception, this year’s event will also be a platform for exchange between the field’s experts from science and the industry with workshops, guided tours and an exhibition. Organisers are the competence network for optical technologies OpTecBB e.V. and WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH.



Art exhibition

Under the headline “Momentum”, a new exhibition is opening its doors until 20 December 2018. It features oil paintings of flowers and landscapes painted by Elke Mann using the trowelling technique.
Location: ZBU 2 foyer, Magnusstraße 11

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