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Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Lerche


Dr. Arnold Uhl
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LUM GmbH was founded in 1994 by Prof. Dr. Dr. Lerche as an innovative corporation with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. LUM has an office and application lab in France and 3 subsidiaries, in USA, China, Japan.

Scientific and measurement technology expertise has been obtained for decades in:

  • Particle characterization
  • Analysis of suspensions and emulsions
  • Determination of adhesive and bonding strengths
  • Quality assurance and process optimization.


Researchers with single particle counter © WISTA Management GmbH
Highly sensitive measurements for the smallest particles
An innovative single particle counter is contributing to improve quality of medicines and vaccines
Young Scientist 2022 – Dr. Lia Beraldo da Silveira Balestrin © LUM GmbH
Young Scientist 2022 – Lia Beraldo da Silveira Balestrin
The Brazilian researcher received the award announced by LUM GmbH for her work on asphaltene deposition in crude oil
Prof. Lerche (CEO LUM GmbH), Robin Lee (Young Jin Corporation, Korea). Photo collage: LUM GmbH
Hybrid international sales meeting 2022 successfully completed
Training on devices of the new LUMiSpoc® product line & new applications in battery and hydrogen research strengthen LUM GmbH in the world
Trade fair © LUM GmbH
Improved analytics in the food and beverage industry
LUM GmbH enters into a sales partnership with the French company LABORATOIRES HUMEAU
Announcement: International Conference for Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing 2022. Credit: LUM GmbH
Learn from nature, use resources more effectively and avoid harmful effects
5 trendsetters nominated for the LUM Science Award YSA 2022
LUMiSpoc®. Credit: LUM GmbH
LUM GmbH nominated for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Prize 2021
The Innovation Award 2021 is endowed with 10,000 euros per award winner
K. Borysova in the LUM Application Lab © LUM GmbH
Practical learning at LUM GmbH
Adlershof-based analytics company continues education offensive in collaboration with the German Society for International Cooperation in 2021