21st International Sales Meeting of LUM GmbH: Sales experts from all over the world meet at the headquarters in Adlershof

17. January 2020

21st International Sales Meeting of LUM GmbH

Sales experts from all over the world meet at the headquarters in Adlershof

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Ms. May Kim (Young Jin Corporation, Korea, Best Distributor 2018), Dr. Arnold Uhl (Sales & Marketing Manager LUM GmbH, left), Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Lerche (Managing Director LUM GmbH) Credit: LUM GmbH

From January 27th to 29th the International Sales Meeting will take place at the headquarters of LUM GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof for the 21st time in a row. The sales experts of the LUM companies from Asia, Europe and North America exchange technical information with external sales partners from all over the world. This is where the foundations for the continuing growth of LUM GmbH in the next few years are laid.

After reviewing the repeatedly very successful year 2019, the expansion of the product portfolio will form the focus of training in 2020.

”In 2019, we succeeded in increasing sales by 8.6 % compared to 2018, thus continuing the growth trend of recent years. Even regional difficulties such as Brexit uncertainties in the UK and trade disputes between the USA and China have not affected LUM as an export-oriented company globally. In 2020 we are working hard to consolidate our successes and are optimistic, regardless of forecasts for international economic development”, explains Prof. Dr. Dr. Lerche, Managing Director of LUM GmbH. He continues: “The expansion of our portfolio with humanized measuring devices [1] for particle and dispersion characterization is an important step in meeting customer demands for powerful, future-oriented analytical instruments. Beauty, ergonomics and functionality form a unity, and working in the laboratory can also be fun. ”

The new particle measuring device LUMiReader®PSA 452 is characterized by an extremely high temperature stability in the measuring cell. The size distribution, hydrodynamic density or magnetic properties of the nano- and microparticles can now be determined with very high precision, unaffected by external temperature fluctuations. Temperature gradients in the measuring cell practically no longer occur. Temperature-dependent processes such as crystallization can be characterized optically for the first time with a temperature ramp using multi-wavelength STEP technology. In order to determine the Hansen Dispersibility Parameters, for real-time stability testing and separation analysis, customer requests for a large temperature range of 4-80°C were also implemented in the device.

All participants can look forward to anticipating an intense training on the LUMiReader PSA, the next cross-device software generation SEPView® 7 and the LUMiSpoc. This innovative single particle counter from LUM for determining particle size distribution and particle concentration is already available for application tests and will be commercially available later in 2020.

Last but not least, the LUMiFlector laboratory in the new Colani design rounds off the training. With the LUMiFlector (laboratory and inline versions), product parameters are easily determined in a matter of seconds. From fat, protein and dry matter determination in dairy products to parameters of pharmaceutical or organic products.

The traditional award “Best Distributor 2019” is eagerly awaited by the guests. Who will succeed Young Jin Corporation from Korea, the 2018 award winner?


[1] Humanisierte Labormessgeräte dank Colani, Colani lebt weiter im Labor, Pressemitteilung LUM GmbH 4.11.2019


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