06. May 2022

Adlershof Journal May/June 2022

It’s magic! Fascinating biotechnology

The healing effect: What biotechnology can achieve // 
reCOVer: BMBF project tests a substance against Long Covid //
Sensitive work: Healthcare marketing by PEIX


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The trained plumbing and heating installer and graduate facility manager supervises two technology centres in the fields of biotechnology and environmental technology in Adlershof
Nadja Berger is conducting research on a novel vaccine platform in Adlershof
In the process developed by ANiMOX GmbH, the bacterium Cupriavidus necator helps to obtain raw materials for fully degradable plastics
Researchers of the “reCOVer” project, funded by the ministry of education, are testing a substance against Long Covid
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An innovative single particle counter is contributing to improve quality of medicines and vaccines
A research group at the Helmholtz Centre Berlin has found the crucial genetic switch
The healthcare marketing experts of PEIX
FORLIFE makes products for ostomy, tracheostomy, wound care, and incontinence
Adlershof-based companies are showing the world what (green) biotechnology can achieve. We will introduce you to two of them that could change the rules of the game through their innovation