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Two new pedestrian and bike bridges

Infrastructure measures in the north of the Adlershof development area:

New infrastructure measures in the north of the development area in Adlershof are going forward. Public transport is being expanded, including a tram line by 2021. Two new streets, Wagner-Régeny-Allee and...

Entwurf Wiili-Schwabe-Straße. Bild: Adlershof Journal


Growth with a clear focus

MediaCity Adlershof is expanding:

Prices for real estate in Berlin are increasing, while additional land for new businesses is scarce. The Adlershof site is becoming more densely populated. This is a new development. The doors keep turning at the office of...

NUBIS. Bild: Adlershof Special


NUBIS: Space Efficient Offices in a new building on Franz-Ehrlich-Straße

Trusted Real Estate quality seal and AA+ rating for outstanding space efficiency and highly flexible usability:

Over a total of three construction phases, PROJECT Immobilien are currently erecting an office building on Franz-Ehrlich-Straße, right at the Adlershof train station crossing. First occupancy in the first construction phase...

Baustelle VivaCity. Bild: Adlershof Special


A District on the Upswing

Where Rudower Chaussee Turns into Eisenhutweg:

An impressive stroll lies ahead for those who leave the urban motorway at Stubenrauchstraße exit and park their vehicle on Eisenhutweg: something formidable is happening here. Whether new or in the making, the area‘s numerous...

Visualisierung Brain Box Berlin © PROFI PARTNER AG


BRAIN BOX BERLIN: Work where science lives!

New commercial property is offering new work environments with flexible and innovative rental spaces:

A modern commercial complex complete with landmark building, open courtyards and underground carpark is being developed on a vacant construction site on Eisenhutweg alongside the BAB 113 motorway. The premises will be...

Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg. Bild: Adlershof Special


New projects are enhancing the Analytics network of competences at Adlershof

Now the Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg is locating in the City of Science:

It’s a new development that will significantly boost the technological field of Analytics in Adlershof: in 2019, 300 of the 500 employees of Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg will move to the City of Science following the...

Walter Leibl, AP. Bild: Adlershof Special


Historical Land for Future Growth

The Reassigning of the „Müller Erben“ Premises on Groß-Berliner Damm:

As a development agency, Adlershof Projekt GmbH presses ahead with the reassigning of the „Müller Erben“ premises on Groß-Berliner Damm. Tenacity is finally paying off: a future use of the area for both living and working...

EUROPA-CENTER. Bild: Adlershof Special


New Eyecatchers for Adlershof

EUROPA-CENTER AG is developing two more buildings:

In Adlershof, you‘re bound to see a striking building by EUROPA-CENTER AG no matter in which direction you look. In autumn, the real estate group will launch two new construction projects. Underlining the developer‘s ongoing...

New Buildings

System 180
Firmensitz des Messe- und Ausstellungsbauers, Ernst-Augustin-Straße
Porsche-Zentrum Berlin Adlershof
Die dritte Niederlassung der Marke Porsche in Berlin, Ecke Eisenhutweg / Herrmann-Dorner-Allee
Nubis - Büros in Adlershof
Drei fünfgeschossige Büroneubauten mit eigener Tiefgarage, Franz-Ehrlich-Straße, zwischen Rudower Chaussee und Ernst-Augustin-Straße, am S-Bahnhof Adlershof
Viva City Adlershof
Innovatives soziales Quartier mit Pflegeeinrichtung, Kita, genossenschaftlichen Wohnungen, Supermarkt, Büro und Dienstleistungsflächen, Eisenhutweg, Ecke Straße am Flugplatz
Ahlberg Metalltechnik "Fabrik17"
Neubau des Automobil­zulieferers in der Igo-Etrich-Straße
Europa-Center am Forum
Dreigeschossiges Premium-Büro- und Geschäftshaus am Forum
Europacenter Adlershof
Büro- und Geschäftsgebäude, Rudower Chaussee
Apartments für Studenten und Wissenschaftler, Rudower Chaussee 153
Firmensitz Gutsche
Feinoptische Werkstätten der Karlheinz Gutsche GmbH, Georg-Schendel-Straße
EUROPA-CENTER Berlin Adlershof
3. Bauabschnitt des Büro- und Geschäfts­haus­komplexes an der Rudower Chaussee
Laborkomplex EMIL
Energy Materials In-Situ Laboratory, EMIL, Erweiterung des Synchrotron­speicherringes BESSY II des Helmholtz-Zentrums Berlin
Bücherspeicher der HU
Speicherbibliothek und Universitäts­archiv der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Wagner-Régeny-Straße
Laborzentrum ifp
Labor-, Produktions- und Bürogebäude des ifp Institut für Produktqualität, Wagner-Régeny-Straße
Bürogebäude in der Volmerstraße 10