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Living at the heart of Adlershof: the new housing district ‘Wohnen am Campus’

Over the next years, a mix of more than 1,400 residential units including townhouses, multi-storey apartment buildings and student accommodation will be developed on an area the size of approximately 14 hectares. The area is located between the campus of Humboldt University and the landscape park. Single family houses are not planned for construction.

Residential district "Wohnen am Campus"


Ute Hübener
Adlershof Project GmbH
Executive Manager Sales and Marketing

Ute Hübener, Executive Manager Sales and Marketing Adlershof Project GmbH
+49 30 6392-3918
+49 30 6392-3933

Christof Hamm
Adlershof Projekt GmbH
Project Manager Sales

Christof Hamm, Project Manager Sales Adlershof Projekt GmbH
+49 30 6392-3908
+49 30 6392-3933


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