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New Network "Campus Club Adlershof" for Material- and Environmental Technology

Interdiciplinary Cooperation and Talent-Recruiting:

With more than 60 participants, the event exceeded all expectations. The start-ups OrelTech, INURU, Nano-Join, Tiwari, Solaga and PSC presented the current status of their research and products from the Adlershof competence...

Bild: LUM


21st International Sales Meeting of LUM GmbH

Sales experts from all over the world meet at the headquarters in Adlershof:

From January 27th to 29th the International Sales Meeting will take place at the headquarters of LUM GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof for the 21st time in a row. The sales experts of the LUM companies from Asia, Europe and North...

Pulslaserquelle LiDAR ©FBH/P. Immerz


Versatile in use – FBH semiconductor light sources

FBH presents new developments at Photonics West 2020 (San Francisco):

FBH exhibits novel diode lasers and modules at Photonics West 2020. Applications include materials processing, LiDAR, medicine, and (Raman) spectroscopy. Progress in UV LEDs is presented jointly with the spin-off UVphotonics....

Ernst-Eckhard-Koch Preis 2019 © M. Setzpfandt/HZB


Felix Willems received Ernst-Eckhard-Koch Award 2019 for his PhD thesis on ultrafast magnetization dynamics

He had analysed ultrafast switching processes using spectroscopic methods at synchrotron sources like BESSY II:

In his research, Willems combined static experiments with synchrotron radiation at BESSY II with femtosecond time-resolved experiments on a laser-based high harmonic generation source at MBI. Via measurements of both the real...

Events / Dates

Wed 22 Jan

14.00 MBI Colloquium Max-Born-Straße 2a, 12489 Berlin

Fri 24 Jan

13.30 FBH-Kolloquium: Broad-area semiconductor lasers with asymmetric cavities Gustav-Kirchhoff-Straße 4, 12489 Berlin
Seminarraum 1

Mon 27 Jan Wed 29 Jan

Internationale Sales Meeting LUM GmbH Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 3, 12489 Berlin

Tue 28 Jan

15.15 - 17.00 Antrittsvorlesung: Prof. Dr. Arno Rauschenbeutel Newtonstraße 15, 12489 Berlin
Christian Gerthsen-Hörsaal, Lise-Meitner-Haus

Wed 29 Jan

14.00 MBI Colloquium: Nanoscale (in)coherent optical excitations in the electron microscope Max-Born-Straße 2a, 12489 Berlin

Sat 01 Feb Thu 06 Feb

Adlershof at Photonics West Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA

Tue 18 Feb Thu 20 Feb

12th International Course on “Time-resolved Microscopy and Correlation Spectroscopy” Max-Born-Straße 2a, 12489 Berlin

Tue 25 Feb

14.00 MBI Colloquium: From attosecond to XUV nonlinear optic Max-Born-Straße 2a, 12489 Berlin

Wed 18 Mar

08.30 - 16.30 Applikationstag: Charakterisierung von Nano- und Mikrodispersionen Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 3, 12489 Berlin

Tue 26 May Fri 29 May

Quantum Symposium: Single Photon based Quantum Technologies Carl-Scheele-Straße 16, 12489 Berlin