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PILATUS-Detektor © HZB


New detector accelerates protein crystallography

MX Beamline at BESSY II works about 2 to 3 times faster than before:

In February a new detector was installed at one of the three MX beamlines at HZB. Compared to the old detector the new one is better, faster and more sensitive. It allows to acquire complete data sets of complex proteins...

Schema Erneuerbare Off-Grid-Systeme © RLI


Off-Grid Renewable Energy opens up pathways for Electricity Access and Climate Action

Researchers from the Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) present study on the importance of off-grid systems:

Achieving universal electrification by 2030 (SDG7) implies the provision of electricity access to more than 1.2 billion people cumulatively, of which the majority characterizes as highly climate vulnerable. Together with the...

Elektronenreservoirs von magnetischen Atomen © MBI Berlin


Light Moves Spins Around

Researchers have disentangled how laser pulses can manipulate magnetization via ultrafast transfer of electrons between different atoms:

Few nanometer-thin films of magnetic materials are ideal test objects to study fundamental problems in magnetism. Furthermore, such thin magnetic films have important technological applications. For example, they are used in...

3D-Bild der Zellarchitektur © Burcu Kepsutlu/HZB


“The cell looks like it has just run a marathon”

X-ray microscopy at BESSY II reveals how nanoparticles can change cells:

Nanoparticles easily enter into cells. New insights about how they are distributed and what they do there are shown for the first time by high-resolution 3D microscopy images from BESSY II. For example, certain nanoparticles...

© Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


HZB scientists participate in consensus statement for perovskite test methods

Collection of aging measurement protocols published in Nature Energy:

Experts from 51 research institutions have now agreed on the procedures for measuring the stability of perovskite solar cells and assessing their quality. The consensus statement was published in Nature Energy and is...

Urkunde: NASA Group Achievement Award für Markus Krutzik © FBH


NASA honors Markus Krutzik

His team developed an instrument that was successfully used to generate ultra-cold atoms on the International Space Station (ISS):

At the end of last year, the Cold Atom Laboratory (CAL) team at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), USA, received the "NASA Group Achievement Award". This award also honors the achievements of Dr. Markus Krutzik as a...

Modulares UV-LED-Bestrahlungssystem © FBH/P. Immerz


UVphotonics to showcase custom UV LEDs and modules at Photonics West

The versatile light sources are configurable to various application requirements:

UV LEDs have opened up new prospects due to benefits like increased design flexibility, energy savings and reduced overall cost. Their customizable wavelengths, low operation voltages, ability to be rapidly switched and...

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New Network “Campus Club Adlershof” for Material and Environmental Technology

Interdiciplinary Cooperation and Talent-Recruiting:

With more than 60 participants, the event exceeded all expectations. The start-ups OrelTech, INURU, Nano-Join, Tiwari, Solaga and PSC presented the current status of their research and products from the Adlershof competence...

© Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University


HZB scientist provides new insights into perovskite solar cell research

Plants absorb lead from perovskite solar cells more than expected:

Lead from metal-organic perovskite compounds can be absorbed particularly easily by plants. The bioavailability is significantly higher than that of lead from inorganic compounds as found in batteries. This is shown in a...

Bild: © MBI


MBI researcher was awarded the "JCP Editor's Choice Award 2020

Dr. Arnaud Rouzée received the award for his publication in the Journal of Chemical Physics:

Dr. Arnaud Rouzée has been awarded the 2020 “JCP Editor’s Choice Award”  that rewards the most outstanding paper published in the Journal of Chemical Physics in 2019 for his work entitled “Atomic-resolution imaging of...

Bild: LUM


21st International Sales Meeting of LUM GmbH

Sales experts from all over the world meet at the headquarters in Adlershof:

From January 27th to 29th the International Sales Meeting will take place at the headquarters of LUM GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof for the 21st time in a row. The sales experts of the LUM companies from Asia, Europe and North...

Rhodopsin © E. Ritter/HZB


Watching complex molecules at work

HZB team uses a newly developed infrared spectrometer at BESSY II to investigate how biomolecules in sensory cells work:

A new method of infrared spectroscopy developed at BESSY II makes single-measurement observation and analysis of very fast as well as irreversible reaction mechanisms in molecules feasible for the first time. Previously,...

Adlershof Journal Jan/Feb 2020


Adlershof Journal January/February 2020

A place for the bright-minded: meet the Science City’s start-ups:

Dynamism meets experience: Adlershofer Accelerator in fourth round //  The future makers: High-tech founders instead of copycats //  Secret recipe for business idea: Search for answers to unmet demand //

Illustration: Dorothee Mahnkopf © WISTA Management GmbH


Unicorns, muses and other business idea myths: What is the holy grail of innovation?

Essay by Heike Hölzner, Professor for Entrepreneurship und Medium-sized businesses at the HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences:

Brilliant ideas or favourable opportunities? Many in today’s digital age are mulling over how innovative business ideas are created. Start-ups and corporations alike are seeking the holy grail of innovation: a tool or...

Marina Salmon © WISTA Management GmbH


How do you manage a co-working space?

In conversation with Marina Salmon, who in addition to WISTA’s co-working space is also in charge of the Long Night of the Sciences and the science slams in Adlershof:

Marina Salmon runs the show at the WISTA’s co-working space at Rudower Chaussee 17. When the Technology Park’s first-ever co-working space was founded in November 2017, the business economist also ventured into new territory....

Johannes Klick © WISTA Management GmbH


The cyber sentry

Johannes Klick consults companies on IT security issues:

A massive airstrike, a lightning attack in a computer game, or radiation that wreaks havoc in a computer’s processor? ‘Wikipedia’ provides several possible explanations as to what an ‘Alpha Strike’ may be. Johannes Klick and...

asis-Geschäftsführer © WISTA Management GmbH


The future makers

Adlershof brings forth high-tech founders, not copycats:

Starting a business in Adlershof is almost certainly a ticket to success. The strategies pursued by the founders, however, show that very different paths can lead them there. What unites them is that Adlershof turns good...

BPW Orga-Team © WISTA Management GmbH


A user’s guide to starting a business

The Business Plan Competition Berlin-Brandenburg turns 25 / 2nd Meet-up at the Technology Park Adlershof on 13/02/2020:

On 13 February 2020, founders, entrepreneurs and jurors will meet up at the 2nd Meet-up of the Business Plan Competition Berlin-Brandenburg (BPW) in Adlershof. One of the most well-known business plan competitions of the...

Manuel Popiol, Oliver Thronicker © WISTA Management GmbH


The water testers

The company Blue Biolabs develops microbiology test kits for wells:

Blue Biolabs GmbH moved to the Technology Park Adlershof in last autumn. The analysts at the company’s laboratories trace iron bacteria and other sources of water pollution. Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Berlin’s public water...

Cigdem Issever, HU Berlin © WISTA Management GmbH


On the origin and evolution of the world

The physicist Cigdem Issever just moved from Oxford to the HU Berlin:

What is dark matter? How does matter obtain mass? The physicist Cigdem Issever, who took up her post at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) and the DESY research centre in Zeuthen this summer, is seeking answers to these...