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Adlershof Journal Jan/Feb 2019

At the interface of start-ups and established companies:

In conversation with Madlen Dietrich, innovation scout for the UVB Business Associations Berlin-Brandenburg

Madlen Dietrich knows where to look for good ideas and how they channel into economic growth. She has been the innovation scout at the UVB Business Associations Berlin-Brandenburg since 2016. Her focus is on digital...
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The builder:

Matthias Blankenburg found the wreckage of a bomber in Adlershof

Suddenly, the excavator came to a halt in the pale gravel and exposed pitch black, dirty sand. The air was filled with a musty scent: ‘It certainly wasn’t a natural smell,’ says Matthias Blankenburg. For two weeks,...
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Jumpstarting businesses at the Gründer­werkstatt:

The Adlerhof-based talent hub looks back on a positive year

The start-up support programme Gründerwerkstatt Adlershof has been active for a year now. The programme fosters technical and technology-based team start-ups on campus. Time to look back. The head of sales needs...
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Future technologies have no age limit:

At the age of 79, Dietmar Harting founded the Perinet GmbH

Everybody is talking about ‘Industry 4.0’, the digitisation of manufacturing. The founders of the Adlershof-based Perinet GmbH are taking action. They are creating the IT infrastructure necessary for digitally...
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opTricon becomes Chembio:

The American diagnostics company is buying the measurement device manufacturer and is planning to build its European HQ in Adlershof

The opTricon GmbH develops and manufactures measurement devices for quick testing. The company has now been bought by one of its largest customers. The American diagnostics company Chembio Diagnostics Systems is...
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Real-world ideas:

Quick tests for breast milk and sewing pattern software – meet two science talents with ideas geared towards practical application on their way to becoming business owners

When Anna Raysyan is on stage, she is like fish in water. Convincingly and full of energy, she presents her idea that she hopes will soon help many women: a test for breast milk. The prototype is no larger than a...
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Everything flows:

The start-up dive solutions uses new algorithms to simulate currents, ensuring clear drainpipes and friction-less gear transmission

An oily-looking, auburn liquid drips off a turning gear wheel, fills the gaps between the cogs, and then creates fierce splashes. In another video, blue liquid flows into a container. When it reaches the tight outlet,...
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“Jugend forscht” – the talented Ferdinand presents his new projects:

A young student develops a turning assistant for lorries

Ferdinand is only 13-years-old and very tall for his age. However, at ‘Jugend forscht’, the renowned German national youth science competition, he is a veteran. In February, he will take part for the third time. Among...
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Ideas conference as a door opener:

The second TEDxHU event took place in Berlin and fosters knowledge exchange

The event starts much like a service of worship. On a video screen in the chapel of the economic faculty of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU), Isaac Lidsky, a blind American author and corporate speaker, talks on...
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UVphotonics and Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) with new UV LEDs at Photonics West 2019

Custom UV LEDs and modules with emission wavelengths realized from 320 nm to as low as 233 nm:

At Photonics West 2019, UVphotonics introduces UV LEDs emitting in the UVB and UVC wavelength regions. Applications of the LEDs include sensing, phototherapy and plant growth lighting. Together with the...

Gummibaumplantage in Cambodia, Foto: Patrick Hostert


Cambodia's tropical forests give way to rubber tree plantations

Study by geographers of the HU confirms the relationship between destruction of forests and price of rubber:

Since the mid-2000s, the rising global demand for natural rubber has primarily been the result of the growth of the Chinese tyre and automotive industry. In a study published in Nature Plants, Kenneth Grogan and a team of...

Adlershof Journal Januar/Februar 2019


Adlershof Journal January/February 2019

Alive and swinging? A look at how our founders are moving forward:

Discovered: wreckage of a bomber found // Sold: OpTricon becomes Chembio // Developed: breast milk tests and sewing pattern app //

Bild: MBI


Looking at molecules from two sides with table-top femtosecond soft-X-rays

MBI scientists demonstrate new analytical method for organic molecules in aqueous solution:

X-ray spectroscopy provides direct access into the nature of chemical bonds, from which the outcome of chemical reactions can be understood. For this, intense activities both at x-ray source development and implementation of...

Preisverleihung mit HZB Team


Slovenian president awards HZB scientist with "Apple of Inspiration"

The Berlin scientists as the first foreigners receive the prize together with colleagues from the University of Ljubljana:

Marko Jošt, Steve Albrecht and Bernd Rech, researchers at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) receive a rare award today, 19 December 2018 in the slovenian Grand Hall of Presidential...

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