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Prof. Hecht, HU Berlin, Bild: IRIS Adlershof


Stefan Hecht elected as a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences

The internationally renowned and award-winning scientist receives renewed recognition:

The European Academy of Sciences (EURASC) has elected Prof. Stefan Hecht, Ph.D., Director of the DWI - Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials, Guestprofessor at the Department of Chemistry of HU Berlin and founding...


Excellent work life balance: Third audit berufundfamilie certificate in a row for the IKZ

The seal of quality is awarded for a strategically designed family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy:

For the third time in a row Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ) has been awarded with the audit berufundfamilie certificate on September 30, 2021. The certificate is awarded by the Board of Trustees of berufundfamilie...

Künstlerische Darstellung. Quelle: IRIS Adlershof


Advances in organic semiconductor research improve performance of light-emitting diodes (OLED)

Team of researchers investigated the synthesis, structure, optical properties of poly(triazine imide):

A team of researchers from King’s College London, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB), headed by Prof. Michael J. Bojdys, who is a member of IRIS...

ISLC2021-Konferenz ©FBH/N. Vlach


The laser community met at ISLC2021

Ferdinand-Braun-Institut organised this year’s International Semiconductor Laser Conference, one of the most renowned conferences in the field of semiconductor lasers:

More than 100 international scientists joined the five-day International Semiconductor Laser Conference (ISLC) in Potsdam. Roughly the same number of participants tuned in online on a daily basis. The conference addressed...

Hexagonale Bornitrid-Schichten. Bild: MBI/FVB


Ultrafast and coupled – atomic vibrations in the quantum material boron nitride

An international collaboration of scientists presents detailed experimental and theoretical results on ultrafast dynamics of coupled phonons:

Materials consisting of a few atomic layers display properties determined by quantum physics. In a stack of such layers, vibrations of the atoms can be triggered by infrared light. New experimental and theoretical work shows...

Adlershof Journal September/October 2021

Beate Mekiffer © WISTA Management GmbH
The minus sign represents something positive
In conversation with Beate Mekiffer, who coordinates innovation projects at WISTA Management GmbH
Meike Jipp © WISTA Management GmbH
The mobility thinker
Meike Jipp develops concepts for the traffic of the future in Adlershof
L. Becker mit Sensor © WISTA Management GmbH
Smart on the road
The Technology Park manages its sustainable growth with a mobility concept
David Weiblein, BTB-Baustelle © WISTA Management GmbH
River water and deep storage
BTB is making energy supply greener
Martin Will und Marcel Linke, WISTA.Service © WISTA Management GmbH
Digital processes
A WISTA facilities manager shows us what the new world of work looks like
Kim Klüber, HU, mit Robotern © WISTA Management GmbH
Digital support for caregivers
Psychologists are working on developing a care robot
IFS-Ingenieur Maxim Matros © WISTA Management GmbH
Designing trams and subways
What will the next generation look like?
Stefan Schwunk im Future-Living-Wohnen © WISTA Management GmbH
“I live in the future”: A glimpse into Future Living
Thanks to smart home technology, everything in Stefan Schwunk’s loft can be controlled using voice control and an app. Water damages, too, are now a thing of the past.
Quantune-Gründerteam © WISTA Management GmbH
Smart diagnostics
Quantune Technologies are revolutionising the use of infrared lasers
M. Bickermann, IKZ © WISTA Management GmbH
Atoms enlarged 100 million times
Crystals from Adlershof made possible a world record for electron microscopy imaging

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