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BAM develops methods for quantitative measurements of luminescent materials

Joint project launched in cooperation with Schott AG to determine the quantum yield of scattering luminescent particles and materials:

Tiny luminescent particles are used in more and more products today: from smartphones to OLED televisions to car headlights. For industry, exact knowledge of the luminescence efficiency is crucial. The Bundesanstalt für...

NaK-Tropfen © HZB/Nature 10.1038/s41586-021-03646-5


Water as a metal – detected at BESSY II

A team of researchers has produced an aqueous solution with metallic properties for the first time:

Under normal conditions, pure water is an almost perfect insulator. Water only develops metallic properties under extreme pressure, such as exists deep inside of large planets. Now, an international collaboration has used a... - © David pix123


“Please get vaccinated”

Berlin’s Governing Mayor Müller and Berlin universities and colleges appeal to students:

The Governing Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Higher Education and Research, Michael Müller, has addressed an urgent appeal to the roughly 200,000 students in the capital to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. In a letter...

Perowskit-Schicht, HZB Adlershof Berlin, © M. Künsting/HZB


HZB researchers provide new insights into lead-free perovskite solar cells

How fluoride additives improve quality:

Tin halide perovskites are currently considered the best alternative to their lead-containing counterparts, which are, however, still significantly less efficient and stable. Now, a team led by Prof. Antonio Abate from HZB...

Messgerät LuQY Pro © QYB Quantum Yield Berlin


Faster development of efficient solar cells and LEDs thanks to LuQY Pro

HZB spin-off QYB Quantum Yield Berlin is launching a measurement instrument for optimising optoelectronic components:

Scientists from the Helmholtz Innovation Lab HySPRINT at HZB spun off the technology company QYB Quantum Yield Berlin GmbH at the beginning of April 2021. The spin-off is launching LuQY Pro, a ready-to-use measurement...

Adlershof Journal July/August 2021

Magdalena Matheis © WISTA Management GmbH
She is not only passionate about sustainability issues, she lives them
In conversation with Magdalena Matheis, who is pushing green issues forward at WISTA Management GmbH
Benjamin Herzog, Solaga © WISTA Management GmbH
The air cleaner
Benjamin Herzog is building green air pollution filters in Adlershof
Karin Haas, Björn Rau © WISTA Management GmbH
Because it’s better!
Adlershof-based institutes and companies demonstrate how sustainability works
Jens Wollschläger, Freyler-Industriebau © WISTA Management GmbH
Environmentally friendly construction
The demands to energy-efficient building are now also increasing in the industrial construction sector
SuperCoop-Berlin-Team © WISTA Management GmbH
Berlin’s first hands-on supermarket
The Adlershof Founder's Lab jump starts SuperCoop Berlin
Kinderhaus Bienennest © WISTA Management GmbH
Gardeners in the beehive
A glimpse into everyday life of a sustainable daycare centre
Christian Adam, BAM © WISTA Management  GmbH
The future is circular
Phosphorus, iron, and rare earths — the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is investigating how important materials can be preserved and reused
Pascal Kraft und Hannah Prawitz im Unigarten in Adlershof © WISTA Management GmbH
Paper cups today, a greener university tomorrow
A student initiative is improving sustainability at Berlin’s Humboldt University
Mike Zimmermann, Lichthaus © WISTA Management GmbH
“Building this studio was a dream of mine”
One of Europe’s largest XR (extended reality) studios is being created in Adlershof’s Science City
Roland Stoer, WINDnovation © WISTA Management GmbH
Specialised in wind harvest
Adlershof's WINDnovation is thinking in terms of recycling when designing rotor blades

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Wed 04 Aug

10.00 Physik zum Frühstück Albert-Einstein-Straße 15, 12489 Berlin

Wed 04 Aug

17.30 - 20.05 Filmhighlight: Die Stimme des Regenwaldes Friedenstr. 12-13, 12489 Berlin

Fri 06 Aug

19.30 MaSur - Emotional und Stürmisch Moriz-Seeler-Straße 1, 12489 Berlin

Sat 07 Aug

15.00 - 22.00 Aktionstag: WISSENSSTADT BERLIN 2021 Platz vor dem Roten Rathaus, 10178 Berlin

Tue 10 Aug

18.00 Bürgerversammlung der Kiezkasse Adlershof Moriz-Seeler-Straße 1, 12489 Berlin
Theater Ost

Wed 11 Aug

11.45 - 12.45 LaNA-Mittagsstammtisch

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