Be open to learning!

Knowledge-hungry people in Adlershof are shaping the future:

Many talk about lifelong learning. But what does that mean exactly? Why is it more necessary than ever? And what are its effects? We asked people in Adlershof who are shaping the future about what they think. …


Labs, radio and co. to get young people excited about science

How research institutions reach STEM talent:

Doing it yourself. Being amazed. Seeking knowledge. This is the triad aimed at sparking enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, among Berlin’s youth. To do so, Adlershof’s research…


Data library for material researchers

The FAIRmat consortium is creating a platform for FAIR research data in materials science:

Terabytes of data: The aim of the FAIRmat consortium is not only to preserve the results and publications of materials research, but also the measurement data generated on the way there. In addition to avoiding…


SCIENION & Cellenion launch the proteoCHIP LF 48, for label-free single-cell mass spectrometry-based proteomics analysis

Optimized sample preparation workflows facilitate single cell proteomics applications:

SCIENION and its subsidiary Cellenion, both companies part of the bioconvergence powerhouse BICO, announced the release of the proteoCHIP LF 48. This chip represents the first commercially available solution enabling…


“Everyone should be able to express their creativity”

Adlershof newcomers Hendrik and Leon Ramps have revolutionised traditional word processing with “Papyrus Autor”:

With “Papyrus Autor”, the two brothers Hendrik and Leon Ramps have revolutionised traditional word processing and developed software that is geared towards the very nature of creative writing. They recently moved to…


The backbone of life

Gegenbauer’s new open apprenticeship showroom:

“Geniuses do not drop from the sky; they must have an opportunity to develop” said August Bebel, a social democrat, more than 100 years ago. The company Gegenbauer has been training people for almost the same amount…


“A wonderful landscape for apprentices”

ANH Berlin is taking care of the highly sought-after new generation of non-academic staff:

The skilled labour shortage is currently a huge issue in Germany. The microelectronics sector develops and produces semiconductor chips for a wide range of applications – from computers to airbag sensors – and is…


Adlershof Journal September/October 2022

Learning as a life task: How we become what we are:

Data library for material researchers: The FAIRmat consortium // With labs, radio and co. on the hunt for STEM talent // The attosecond researcher: Olga Smirnova observes the smallest particles …


Breaking new ground

The Federal Employment Agency South Berlin and WISTA Management GmbH (WISTA) are initiating a network to secure skilled workers:

“The successful recruitment of skilled workers is the greatest bottleneck for economic growth at many companies. In some cases, the issue is now directly affecting the continued existence of a company,” says Cornelia…


Humboldt Fellow Alexander Gray comes to HZB

The American physicist will team up with HZB physicist Florian Kronast to research novel 2D quantum materials at BESSY II:

Alexander Gray from Temple University in Philadelphia, USA, is working with HZB physicist Florian Kronast to investigate novel 2D quantum materials at BESSY II. With the fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt…


Dr. Sven Ramelow was awarded an Einstein Junior Fellowship

The Einstein Foundation Berlin supports the HU scientist's research in the field of quantum optics:

The experimental physicist and head of the Emmy Noether junior research group "Nonlinear Quantum Optics", Dr. Sven Ramelow, is doing research in the project "Sensors with entangled photons in the middle infrared" at…


SCIENION announces expansion in the UK with the opening of new R&D and manufacturing facilities

SCIENION’s UK operations to become global hub for contract manufacturing services:

Together with numerous guests from politics, economics, life sciences and medical diagnostics, SCIENION the precision liquid handling specialist and part of bioconvergence powerhouse BICO, celebrated the opening of…


Jump into the (cold) deep end!

Essay by Uli Kunz, marine biologist, underwater photographer, and environmentalist:

My first underwater experience was certainly not my bravest. After encountering a scary pike in Lake Constance as an eight year old, I made a hasty escape. It took a few days of recuperation before I dared another…


How much traction does Berlin Research 50 have?

In conversation with Anja Sommerfeld, who manages the association of non-university research institutions in Berlin:

In early 2020, an interdisciplinary initiative of non-university researchers “for a fair, healthy, and sustainable future” created Berlin Research 50 (BR50). How much traction does BR50 have? To find out, we spoke to…


The pollutant investigator

Markus Venohr conducts research for cleaner waters in Adlershof:

Had Markus Venohr not looked at the Rhine every day from his childhood room in Duisburg, or had he not been canoeing with his parents in numerous holidays with his parents, he might well have become a musician.…


Hoist the sails!

Our technology park community has the best tips for water sports in the region:

Our campus is not only home to outstanding researchers and entrepreneurs but also to dedicated water sports enthusiasts. There are even some Olympic athletes among them. To their great advantage, they live and work in…


“Do not tarry, water carry”

The Einstein Research Unit “Climate and Water under Change” is sketching out the future of water in Berlin and Brandenburg in cooperation with the public:

Water as a resource in rural areas, the city, the ecosystem, and as part of municipal wastewater management: The research platform “Climate and Water under Change” (CliWaC) is bringing in the public to tackle the…


Advancing the energy transformation with hydrogen

Year-round storage for buildings and as a regional energy source – how two Adlershof-based companies are fostering the gas’s practical applications:

A typical summer day in Adlershof: blue skies, a few clouds, the sun is shining. Shining on the free-standing solar cells along Rudower Chaussee. Their electricity charges a car, while the rest disappears into an…


From dolphin sounds to underwater internet

EvoLogics looks towards animal role models for its autonomous diving robots:

A new headquarters is being built on Adlershof’s Wagner-Régeny-Straße. It belongs to a high-tech company that connects underwater infrastructures in oceans, rivers, and lakes, and develops autonomous robots…


The perfect wave

SURF ERA is bringing the ocean into the city:

“I'm just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer.” This quote is attributed to Jack O’Neill, who was not only a passionate surfer from the Santa Cruz area in California but also a…