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PILATUS-Detektor © HZB


New detector accelerates protein crystallography

MX Beamline at BESSY II works about 2 to 3 times faster than before:

In February a new detector was installed at one of the three MX beamlines at HZB. Compared to the old detector the new one is better, faster and more sensitive. It allows to acquire complete data sets of complex proteins...

Schema Erneuerbare Off-Grid-Systeme © RLI


Off-Grid Renewable Energy opens up pathways for Electricity Access and Climate Action

Researchers from the Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) present study on the importance of off-grid systems:

Achieving universal electrification by 2030 (SDG7) implies the provision of electricity access to more than 1.2 billion people cumulatively, of which the majority characterizes as highly climate vulnerable. Together with the...

Elektronenreservoirs von magnetischen Atomen © MBI Berlin


Light Moves Spins Around

Researchers have disentangled how laser pulses can manipulate magnetization via ultrafast transfer of electrons between different atoms:

Few nanometer-thin films of magnetic materials are ideal test objects to study fundamental problems in magnetism. Furthermore, such thin magnetic films have important technological applications. For example, they are used in...

3D-Bild der Zellarchitektur © Burcu Kepsutlu/HZB


“The cell looks like it has just run a marathon”

X-ray microscopy at BESSY II reveals how nanoparticles can change cells:

Nanoparticles easily enter into cells. New insights about how they are distributed and what they do there are shown for the first time by high-resolution 3D microscopy images from BESSY II. For example, certain nanoparticles...

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